Annnd Here’s the Dallas Trailer

Below the fold, my lil hot dog dogs and Round-Up dicksuckers.


  • Leeanne hasn’t changed(, thank God).
  • Brandi adopting little Brandeis was exactly the sympathy-thirst storyline we thought it would be.
  • Dee Simmons, primordial earth goddess, continues to reign.
  • Stephanie suddenly being down with The Leeanne Experience is only more proof of her mastermind status.

What are your takeaways? We promise not to flush your churrity worlds down the toilet if we disagree with them.

2 thoughts on “Annnd Here’s the Dallas Trailer

  1. After hearing that LeeAnne was getting along with Stephanie and Cary, I didn’t know if LeeAnne was going to bring it this season. But thank god she did bring it.

  2. Leeanne is one of *the* all time housewives she can do no wrong in my eyes. Agreed about Stephanie mastermind deciding to cozy up to Leeanne and make sure she stays out of the drama while manipulating events to come I’m sure. We see you!

    My eyes won’t recover from the naked Deuber’s, though Cary’s new face is even more scary arguably :/

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