Highs and Lows: Every Mayflower Has Its Thorn – RHONY

Sometimes a girl just wants to attend a party with all her friends on NYE! The ordacity.


1. TinSEO. Last season when Tinsley debuted she was constantly awkwardly bringing up her arrest to everyone she met. I just figured she wanted to make the first comment on it so everyone would know it wasn’t a big deal. Now, however, I see that clearly she really likes the black mark on her record. Without this arrest she’s just another washed up socialite, her arrest brings her street cred. I don’t think she’s upset that her mugshot has bumped up to the top of the search results, I think she’s mad that Luann stole her thunder with the four felonies. Guess you’ll just have to upstage her, Tins. Go for the second arrest.

2. Sex jams. I will sell my left ovary to get a copy of Ramona’s sex playlist. I often wonder how these women are in bed because I’m insane and why not? I definitely see Ramona as a lay there girl who waits to be pleased by her greasy UES man. Anyway, what songs do you think Ramona has on this list? Comment below.

3. FOMOna. After a season of background shitstirring and one epic phone call, this was a return to form for Ramona. She was on fire this week. The entire saga of asking Tom for an invite to his party, being rejected, and defending it over and over again was start to finish perfection. We talk a lot about Rapologies, but we were reminded this week of her other signature deflection of “I’m not perfect!” whenever she fucks up. Then after betraying Lu for a yacht party (girl, same) she goes ahead and outs her rehab finish. You looked great in the picture! What a good friend?

4. Morgan legacy. I will never not die at Sonja’s delusion regarding her marriage. Her consistent bleating about being a Morgan and doing the family proud could be understood if you knew absolutely nothing about Sonja or her divorce. I hope she licenses out the family crest for every damn collaboration she is presented with. I’ll by the Morgan Family Toaster Oven the second it drops.

5. Consistency. Much though I love Sonja, I love Dorinda’s consistent hate-on for her. Yes, yes, almost every time she’s totally overreacting to Sonja and gives her a real lashing. But Sonja does a lot of off-screen dirty and is usually asking for it. More than anything, I just enjoy the glee Dorinda takes in each destruction of Ms. Morgan. Not even Bethenny can stop her.

6. Phoenix rising. The return of Lu is rolling out perfectly. She’s handling such a public and humiliating (and epic) arrest about as well as one can. A yowling cat had her commit four felonies and yet miraculously she’s already right in her redemption arc. I bet that bologna sandwich tasted like heaven when you were that wasted, Lu. Don’t lie.


1. Hate-on. Predictable low coming in hot here. Did anyone else think Bethenny was being absolutely nuts when she went crazy over Dorinda wanting them to wait before heading off to their rooms? Her and Dorinda have a history of mild beefs and obviously don’t really get along but I think calling Dorinda controlling is a reach too far. Her alliance with Sonja makes a lot more sense aside from it being out of desperation. Both of them are in bad books with Dorinda so they can commiserate despite both of them asking for it.

2. No room choosing. I know this isn’t our big trip for the season, but I was chuffed that we didn’t get any room selection antics. I blame Bethenny.

5 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: Every Mayflower Has Its Thorn – RHONY

  1. Still hate Ramona, so I’m immediately triggered at her undermining my all-time fav, Convict Countess.

    On Ramona’s smash playlist: “Lowdown” by Boz Scaggs.

    In general, I found Bethenny’s energy in this episode much more palatable. But then she has to go and ruin that goodwill by yammering on about Dorinda trying to control everything when Dorinda was just following the room choosing rules Bethenny set in place during last season’s Mexico trip.

  2. Kind of feels like Dorinda is getting a semi-villain edit? but I’m not mad about it. This is the same season that had Carole vs Bethenny, Bethenny and Jill making up and Luann getting arrested so bring on any narrative possible.

  3. There’s something beautiful about how well Lu is handling this, considering her raison d’etre as a Housewife is to repeatedly, publicly(, legendarily!) humiliate herself. <3 I loved Tinsley getting competitive about it too.





  5. I dislike Bethenny since her return, but I do enjoy the scenes with her and Sonja together for whatever reason :S Ramona backstabbing Luann never gets old. Her doing it twice in one episode was a delight.

    As far as Bethenny’s energy, I just wish she would shut up and not have to comment on every damn thing and be the loudest voice in the room. She didn’t use to be like that and it’s the thing that irritates me most on her return.

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