The Round-Up: Alienation

Because, like the late capitalism it so hyperrealistically depicts, this program inevitably sunders bonds, destroys traditional relationships, and spreads psychic and physical pain.

  • Danielle Staub remains a Friend Of. No, we don’t understand it. No, we don’t support it. But we still enjoy the misspelling of “shoo-in” as “shoe-in” in this article because we can pretend it’s a reference to the spunk that landed all over her shoe last season.
  • Tamra has been all over social media happily celebrating her son Spencer’s graduation, made all the sweeter, we presume, by his banning Simon Barney from the event. (Definitely sweeter for us, at least.)
  • I swear to God, you guys, never EVER ever use a mandoline!!! Our dear D’Andra is fine, but is still smarting from some intra-cast shade, apparently. If she’s referring to this post, then…LOL. I assume it was truly entirely innocent and idiotic, but then I suppose when you assume about Kameron you make an ass of u and Kam. Or something. You see how infectious her fake-not-fake dumb blonde persona is???
  • Wig.
  • Uh oh, Topper got married, y’all! How could he do this Tinsley when he knows she just broke up with her long-term fling??? Anyway, joke’s on him; does this new hussy of his do rails off the Declaration of Independence? (Or alternatively, as Tracey suggests, roll it up into a massive coke-snorting tube, a scenario I certainly much prefer.)

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