The Trailer has Landed: RHOC Season 13

There’s only one way to go after RHOC season 12, right? Up? Here’s to hoping the staged alliance formed at the reunion solves the filming woes of last year.


It’s hard to say much based on the trailer but I have been following the casts’ squabbles via Instagram. Who else is feeling optimistic? Let’s pray for these newbies are exciting.

4 thoughts on “The Trailer has Landed: RHOC Season 13

  1. I feel optimistic about this and I feel Tamra will be delivering more. The Newbies didn’t really stand out to me from the trailer but who knows. An attorney is a promising sign.

    1. Emily has already changed her ig handle from @ecsimps or summat to ~ @realocemily ~ so I’m confident that she’ll be insane and/or thirsty.

  2. I’m a weirdo who liked Season 12, generally. I’m rather excited to see what the new girls bring to the table. The Tamra/Shannon conflict is probably being overblown, but it’s a fight that is long overdue.

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