The Best of Blogs: RHONY S10E09/E10

In which Carole’s blogging (hyper)activity draws the Sauron’s Eye of Bravo Legal.

I of course refuse to rate anything from Bethenny’s blog a highlight; I only mention it to note that she profusely and passive-aggressively thanks Dorinda‘s friend (whom Dorinda hooked her up with…) for the Nutcracker. Delightful!

Anyway since this is an official #teamcarole blog (and since Carole’s blog was about 10,000 words this week) we’re doing an expanded, Carole-heavy selection for y’all.

10. Luann

Who can be sad while licking frosting off a friend’s face? Of course Sonja was all in…smooches for all!!

9. Carole

Bethenny is nine for nine. Nine episodes, nine insults. Let’s try to put all that toothpaste back in the tube. I’d like to. Ramona may not always be right but she was dead right in this episode. Does Bethenny seem like a woman who is supportive and uplifting to other women? She’s on this show to build her brand at everyone else’s expense. She put the “B” in brand too.

8. Carole

She lies about us over and over and over until even we sometimes believe it! Wait, was I traveling all summer with Tinsley? In the show I actually look like I am entertaining that as something other than more of Bethenny’s propaganda. Wait a minute, I spent more time with Bethenny last summer than I spent with Tinsley.  Wait, I was in LA most of the summer helping my friend whose husband had died. Wait, Tinsley was traveling all summer with her boyfriend. That all happened right?  Yes, those are the facts of last summer. And I have the receipts to prove it. Thanks to my Twitter fans for that new phrase! Bethenny should give a master class in gaslighting.

7. Carole

It is absurd to say I am interested in hair when she is always wearing clip in hair weaves.

6. Carole

Since spending the last three years with Adam; I know a lot about her carousing and have never spoken of it. Adam not only cooked for her (for nearly nothing) but he played babysitter for her teenage son when she spent nights out partying with men. So play nice Luann. Karma can be a swift bitch.

5. Carole

On last week’s episode she says we have nothing in common because I am husbandless (she is too), childless (she has one more child than I do) and jobless (we have the same job).

4. Carole

Are her outfits so great? Contrary to this, I’m so busy being busy narrative, she clearly has a lot of time on her hands if she’s able to get Snowmies sweatshirts, Santa pajamas, Elf pajamas and a diamond piece for on top of her head. (I did think that piece looked amazing!)

3. Luann

Talk about writing a new story! I didn’t think it would include getting arrested in Palm Beach. That was not part of the plan.

2. Carole

It is absurd to say I act like a seven year old when she is shoving herself into elf pajamas and rolling around on the floor naked to get attention. That is literally what 4-year olds do.

1. Tinsley

Luann, please don’t give Tom another thought. I was at Imoto in Palm Beach last week. Your creepy ex saw me and came over to my table and accosted me asking what I was doing there. WHAT? What was I doing at a restaurant one block down the street from where my mother lives?!!! Page Six even wrote about it. Clearly, the Palm Beach vs. West Palm Beach thing has totally unglued him. He had to let me know that he has now bought an apartment ON ISLAND and no longer lives in West Palm. He definitely wanted to start a fight. What a total loser! I couldn’t help myself. I told him he was bald and a scumbag and that you were 1000 times better than he. Good riddance. He’s just so…uncool.

6 thoughts on “The Best of Blogs: RHONY S10E09/E10

      1. Hahaha omg morning made. I might need Tinsley’s mom to be up there with Mama Joyce in terms of how many guest appearances she gets to have…😂

        1. Make Dale a friend of. Get this woman in every episode, she’s hilarious. Check out next week’s preview on youtube.

  1. I have all the time in the world for Carole’s continued dragging of Bethenny. Carole Radziwill: the People’s Princess.

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