The Best of Blogs: RHONY S10E07

Carole’s taking shots at B, and she’s not fixing to miss.

We’re doing something a lil different this week. Carole’s blog, you see, is such a thorough and masterful takedown of Bethenny that we can’t not devote the entire top 5 to her. (I mean, we’ve pretty much abandoned neutrality in this conflict already, haven’t we?)

But we still like to spread the wealth, and of course we love Tinz and Lu, so before we begin, here’s the best of their blogs.

Honorable Mention: Tinsley

And Sonja, as you know, you have NOT tried to be a good friend. I am upset because you lied about me last year. I’m upset this year because you continue to lie about me. How do you expect me to be your friend when you continue to talk shizzz about me?

Honorable Mention: Luann

Until next week, don’t forget life is a cabaret, “my friends.”

Alright, onto the good stuff.

5. Carole

Not only am I a high maintenance, eyelash-wearing, fashion-obsessed, childless friend who doesn’t have a job and isn’t interested in what’s going on in the world, but guess what, Adam is too (minus the lashes)!

4. Carole

I will put my resume up against Bethenny Frankel’s any day of the week. When Bethenny was auditioning for B movies, I was travelling for ABC News to places similar to what you saw in Puerto Rico. After that I worked in publishing and wrote for national magazines, and now yes, I am on Reality TV. The irony isn’t lost on me that while Bethenny is gossiping about me over pizza with Dorinda, I’m working.

3. Carole

When Harvey hit last summer, Bethenny was partying in Ibiza, I was taking care of a friend whose husband had passed away, and Adam was working hard commuting three hours between clients each day. So, no, Adam couldn’t go to Houston at Bethenny’s whim. He is building his business, and he has to hustle — you’d think if anyone would understand that it’s Bethenny. How quickly she forgets the struggle.

2. Carole

At lunch Dorinda is being verbally water-boarded, (that’s what we all call it).

1. Carole

I’m glad to see my friend Bethenny step outside her affluent bubble, with her stream of rich boyfriends, rich friends with private planes, million dollar homes, and five-star resort vacations. One gets the impression this is the first time she’s witnessed real poverty.



5 thoughts on “The Best of Blogs: RHONY S10E07

  1. Is Carole finally gonna deliver the long overdue “Bethenny Lies About Being Poor” storyline? I feel like no one’s ever been brave enough to go there.

    1. I’m getting TOO thirsty for Carole to eviscerate her with shit like that at the reunion and need to calm myself.

      1. I’m a little wary of how the reunion will play out. Bethenny performs very well in reunions. She’s whip-smart and naturally on the razor’s edge. Plus, she typically deploys the same strategy that has served Kenya Moore well: she over-talks everyone and talks the most, and typically that nets them both the win. On the other hand, I can barely remember Carole even appearing at any reunion, except the season 8 reunion when she served us that inexplicable Laura Ingalls Wilder fantasy for ya nerve.

        1. Yeah, Bethenny is good at reunions, sadly. I do maintain that Carole, Dorinda, and Tinsley vacationed together in Dubai specifically to plot their reunion strategy, though.

  2. “The irony isn’t lost on me that while Bethenny is gossiping about me over pizza with Dorinda, I’m working.”

    This gave me shades of Alex’s “While you are in high school, I am in Brooklyn!”. Love it.

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