Highs and Lows: On An Island – RHONY

How many organs would you sell to be witness to Dorinda drunkenly and publicly reaming out Tom D’Agostino?


1. PR relief. I will get into how I don’t like the way Bethenny is twisting the situation in Puerto Rico on the show in the lows, but let’s B real. She’s doing great work down there and clearly focused her inhuman need to succeed in business to a great cause. Those scenes (especially with Dorinda) were very touching and I can’t hate on the real impact she’s having.

2. Sniper from the side. Pay attention to Ramona in all of her scenes. She’s coasting through this season without any enemies but she is stirring the pot constantly. This entire Carole/Bethenny feud is being pushed forward every time she brings up the tension or clues Carole into how much Bethenny is shitting on her. Credit where credit is due, Singer. Bonus points for correcting Luann on the common 360°/180° error.

3. Serenades. Luann is another typically controversial wife that has been coasting along fairly under the radar (although her arrest does approacheth). Even when she’s mostly on the sidelines, I’d give anything to have Lu clutch my chin and seductively sing me a happy birthday before kissing me. Her outrage over Tinsley’s yelling at dinner was shades of Clip all over again where the countess reared her head and stormed off out of embarrassment. Reminder: Luann drunkenly punched Tom in the face in the middle of a restaurant. That’s our Countess.


4. End of an era. The demise of Carole and Bethenny’s friendship is top-tier viewing. Housewives is never more gripping, more impactful than when you’re watching a real friendship erode. I have very strong opinions on how the fallout is happening which you will read below but this dissolution is the driving force of this already outstanding season. Shades of Jill/Bethenny season 3, the peak of reality television. Take it in folks, it’s happening again.

5. Temperance. Jot me down as loving this murder mystery party in advance only having heard the characters. Why is this not employed more often? The only other MM party I can think of off the top of my head was in Melbourne. Next week is going to be some must-see tv.


1. Bull shit and bad friends. Buckle up because this is going to be a long one.

What Bethenny is doing to Carole is absolutely hideous for a so-called friend. While Carole is obviously capable of being a catty mean girl in her own right (you should know B, you teamed up on Jules) she has been nothing but a solid friend to B. Of course she’s a beta – not every person on earth needs to be a domineering loudmouth constantly talking shit. The balance between those types tends to make for a much better friendship. Still, actually having the gall to verbalize that about Carole was so incredibly insulting. I take it some people think Carole is being too petty with her blogs and social media, but she’s been taking Bethenny at her word on screen and it’s got to be tough to see the real conversations and scathing talking heads.

Bethenny doesn’t give two shits about Sonja Morgan’s feelings and ostracization. She was the reason (although I doubt Dorinda needed much persuasion) she was left out of the OG Berkshires. The hypocrisy would be crazy if she actually believed anything she was spouting off, but she doesn’t. This is just a way to tear down Tinsley and by association, Carole.

Now about the Puerto Rico bullshit. I’m not surprised that Bethenny is using it to hold herself above her current feud. She did the same thing with Ramona last season about her success in business. B knows she doesn’t have many positive attributes so she clings to the few she does and makes them her identity. The shit-talking about Adam was clearly just a backhanded way to make a jab at Carole without any of them aware to defend themselves. It’s pretty rich hearing some 50 odd millionaire guffawing at the working poor (in NYC anyway) needing compensation even for charity work. I guess all those non-profit organizations just work solely off of volunteer efforts? Then she’s spinning the falling out solely on Carole not having an interest in Puerto Rico. Carole, the only person who cared about the election and the general state of the world at any point on this show.

Ramona may have inserted the word “puppet” herself but she wasn’t wrong. That Bethenny talking head where she thought she was so cute and funny is her at her most unlikeable. This is a clearcut fit of jealousy that she’s handling terribly. For someone who claims that Carole is needy with her friends, she’s doing a piss poor job of not making the reverse very obvious. The comments about her lack of kids or career being an issue were as low as she could go.

This season is going to be B’s downfall with the audience just like Jill Zarin in season 3. She’s already losing ground and it doesn’t seem she’s going to turn things around anytime soon.


9 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: On An Island – RHONY

  1. p u h r e a c h

    That Bethenny thinks of Carole as a puppet in her relationships is such a damning self-indictment and she doesn’t even see it. All her relationships are transactional. As a wise woman once said, Bethenny you have no friends who are your friends you have nobody in your life. I think Bethenny (because of her MYRIAD psychological issues that she has never really addressed despite inflicting YEARS of painful therapy scenes on us) has convinced herself that she must eventually use and toss away anyone in her life to be a truly successful and secure businesswoman and human, and so she’s torching her one remaining true friendship on this show (possibly in life…?) the second the going gets rough.

    I truly believe Carole IS ride-or-die (honey) but Bethenny can never let herself take the risk of rejection so she has to reject Carole first. It’s so sadly transparent and typical, and doubly sad that it’s all triggered by fucking TINSLEY MORTIMER who is like…a dumber, more insecure version of Cher Horowitz? (No insult to either Tinsley or Cher, both of whom I love, but yknow what I’m saying. Tinsley is 18 going on 42.) Girl, Sonja Morgan isn’t gonna stand by you the next time you start bleeding out your hooha. Luann de Lesseps doesn’t care if Jason Hoppy stalks you. This is all some Citizen Kane shit, and, tragically, the sled is named Jill Zarin.

  2. Loved your dissertation on the Bethenny/Carole falldown (perfectly followed up by Gerard’s succinct paragraphs further exposing B). Really feels like she is losing this conflict badly and I’m so glad SOMEWHERE on the web is on the ball.

    The Bravo reddit is predictably perniciously anti-Carole this season. Then again, they haven’t liked her since she picked on Jules. Go to any page there about Mrs Radziwill and you’ll find hivemind-like hate towards her at the caliber that Erika always sees.

    1. I actually was surprised by the amount of anti-Bethenny sentiment at reddit. That there’s any at all means she must really be a nightmare this season. I do laugh at the basics hating Carole now that she’s back to having a personality. Such a lack of nuance in the taste there.

  3. This article so perfectly describes my many problems with Bethenny that I feel I’ve nothing to add, except the following: if you would have told me in 2010 that I would ever agree with Ramona about anything, I’d have called you a damned liar. But it would seem that Ramona was right on that infamous walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Bethenny, presumably, has no one, and she will alienate everyone around her. And for Bethenny to make me agree with that pinot-soaked, bug-eyed, classist howler monkey, means Bethenny is cancelled.

    1. Ramona is always right – she just has bad delivery. But seriously, everything she has ever said may have been incredibly rude but it was spot on.

      1. This is changing my entire approach to the show. Must I rewatch the series with new eyes? (As if I ever needed an excuse to binge through the old seasons.)

        1. RHONY should always be rewatched yes. To add an extra fun twist, watch it with the approach that Kelly Bensimon is always right as well. I’m still fighting systematic bullying on her behalf!

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