The Round-Up: I Fought the Law and Nobody Won

(Except for thirsty gossip folks like us.)

  • Sonja talks to Page Six (who else!) about Dorinda (who else!), offering her some surely welcome advice about drinking. Hopefully, like Sonja, Dorinda will take a blood test that shows she doesn’t have a problem. And, of course, there’s always “juicing.”
  • In a shocking development, the typically nurturing Vicki Gunvalson and her typically level-headed son-in-law Ryan are feuding over accusations of bad grandparenting. Vicki’s definitely a terrific grandmother, though; why else would she coincidentally have posted an IG pic of her grandson immediately after this conflict arose? Also Kelly Dodd says she’s a good grandmother and we all know she’s a sterling judge of character.
  • Oh but uh Kelly also literally got fined by Bravo for leaking a bunch of storyline-spoiling shit to Jeff Lewis about Vicki being a backstabbing bitch on Season 13 whoops. This is brand new information.
  • In a rare case of a New Jersey Housewife facing financial and legal troubles, Margaret Josephs is being sued for unpaid legal fees held over from her prior Macbeth collection lawsuits. Oof. [Lu]Alls I know[/Lu] is that I’ve used a Macbeth collection laundry bag for years now and it’s never done me wrong.
  • Who wants Dallas S3 deets? Well, speaking of Housewives with strong debuts who were bound to crash and burn, apparently D’Andra has some financial issues (cut off by Dee over the L-22 fiasco, no doubt). But the most important/exciting/godly news is that everyone’s finally, finally fucking done with Brandi’s snake ass. It’s almost like constantly vomiting up all your friends’ deepest darkest secrets and shames to their enemies has…negative consequences…? Hm who knew.

3 thoughts on “The Round-Up: I Fought the Law and Nobody Won

  1. I believe in Brandi’s ability to STILL end up at the reunion on the same couch as Cary and Stephanie teamed up against Leeanne.

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