Highs and Lows: Grief and Relief – RHONY



1. Quality advertisement. Normally I don’t catch the real housewives live but I always make time for RHONY and I was for once not furious about having to sit through the commercials. That Coupon Cabin commercial was great! It brought John Madessian to my screen which cancelled out my disappointment about Adam being there. I guess I’m rooting for Tinsley and Scott if this is the product of their relationship.

2. Pot stirrers. Ramona might not be at the forefront of the drama this year but she does great work stoking the flames. She’s been integral in this whole Carole/Bethenny breakdown. She was so happy to deliver the news to Carole at the nail salon that Bethenny had not asked her to go to Puerto Rico. From the looks of next week’s preview she’s about to ramp the shitstirring into high gear. I can’t wait.

3. Lord and landlady. Sonja’s entire season salary was made worthwhile thanks to those scenes of her preparing to rent her townhouse. From that elevator which definitely has never been inspected, to her trotting out every single crazy Sonja tic for that photographer, I was breathless. By the time she was rambling about the dog poop she collected with her bare hands I remembered why Sonja Tremont Morgan is an icon in her own right. My sympathies to whatever poor soul rents that house for $32,000 a month and ends up with her as their landlord. I don’t know if she’ll ever get all of Millou’s ashes out of the sofa.


4. Self-destruction and redemption. As you may have noticed, I’m not a fan of Bethenny. Based on the preview I was coming into this episode defensive about how she would be out of line re: Dorinda’s drinking. But then. Oh Dorinda, sweetie. What an absolute nightmare of a dinner. It was a car crash I was glued to. From babbling out of her ass about how Haiti will never recover to the man who has given aid there for years, to slurring nonsense about connections, and that prolonged shot of her fumbling with her chopsticks, that was some bad drunken Dorinda. But, never count out the Dorindess. She showed up on the plane the next day and managed to win everyone back with her raw emotion about her drinking. It’s so hard to watch her talk about John this way but perhaps it is time she broke free to mourn Richard properly. Madam Paulette will always be waiting.



1. Adam. Carole is a true queen this season but why is Adam still part of her storyline??? Girl, drop that patchouli scented sack of vegan oatmeal where you found him and move the fuck on. The constant mention of him is the only thing more disturbing than how Carole orders her eggs. I guess he was just in Dubai with her and the Dorinda/Tinsley crew. Hopefully they were just there filming another Coupon Cabin commercial and this does not mean love is in the air.

2. Ruined good will. Okay, I’ll give it to Bethenny that Dorinda was beyond the pale at that dinner. However, I do think she still managed to say some shit that also went too far. Her “slightly” digs about Richard were nasty and I really hate how she’s ruining all my positive thoughts about her relief work because she’s using it to push this narrative that Carole is a superficial and shitty friend.

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