The Best of Blogs: RHONY S10E05

Pity poor Lu, the only member of her ragtag alliance who ever bothers to write one of these.

Before we begin, an alphabetized list of every term Luann hashtags in this week’s blog:

#straightjacket [sic]

Honorable Mention: Carole

This may appear like one of those contractually-obligated sit downs, the “fall out” brunch where we discuss what was discussed at the last brunch. But it actually isn’t.

5. Ramona

She claims she was depressed, but she was actually in the Hamptons partying all night with her gay friends.

4. Tinsley

And Sonja, just like the weekly “gay parties” you say you throw (which I never saw once while staying at your house), you tell lies.

3. Luann

Like Sonja says, even prison #bitches have one person that has got their back. As for Sonja, she needs a girlfriend, not a #straightjacket!!

2. Tinsley

As you know, my mother also sent you some lovely down silk pillows…which you told people you put in the dog bed.

1. Carole

As for her worrying if I have the constitution for devastation…no need to worry about me, [honey]. I was 26 when I was assigned to Israel during the Gulf War. I spent five weeks chasing Scud missiles. I met people who lost their homes and all their possessions in the bombings. Tall apartment complexes, once filled with families, lay in rubble on the ground. At the time, it was thought Saddam Hussein would use chemical warheads. The only fashion I cared about was my Hazmat gear. When I was 25, working in camps along the Cambodian border, I saw mothers with their children who knew nothing but war, poverty, and the blue tarps of U.N. refugee tents.

(N.B. that this is accompanied by several photos of Carole in war/refugee zones, provided by Carole herself.)

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  1. Thanks for covering the Bravo blogs! They’re a whole different type of monster. I love how you can easily read them in their own voices. Now I just need a doormat with the inscription “photo courtesy of Carole Radziwill” and my life will be complete.

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