Highs and Lows: Tea for Tat – RHONY

Christmas might be coming to RHONY, but it’s the gift that keeps giving.


1. The Countess. Luann and Carole’s tea was enjoyable as a middle of the road lunch filler scene could be thanks to all the details. Luann calling her driver “driver” called back to the OG CL days. She showed up in a lovely Chinese dress that I assume is one of the many outfits she keeps in the closet to hopefully offend a culture or race at some point in the future. She was also delightfully flippant laughing about calling Adam a boytoy. Never change, Countess.

2. Tinsley Mortimer. This episode was truly a showcase of the understated (in comparison to the rest of the cast) insanity of Tinsley. Her reaction to Scott’s surprise visit was hilarious, especially the prolonged sob into his chest. The RHONY editors are on fire as ever and flashed back to it (in what is one of the few flashbacks to something that occurred a minute prior) when Carole told her to keep it cute and that is the point where I lost it. Then we get into her dead bouquet of flowers ritual and she’s cutely explaining how her OCD is wacky and I’m head over heels for Tinsley Mortimer. And we got Dale too! Can’t wait for Dale to festoon her house with Christmas decor for Scott emblazoned with other symbols of his past relationships.

3. Dorinda and Lu. These two have always been tight, so much so that Dorinda was a bridesmaid, but I feel like we don’t see much of them together? I was all about Dorinda showing up to Ramona’s shopping party clearly plastered and destroying Luann’s chance with Missy’s young man Richard and telling him they’re lesbian lovers. Stop writing the fanfic for me, Dorinda.



1. Big B reaches. I’m on the record for enjoying Bethenny being forced to rally behind Sonja but that was some serious reaching with her attempts to parse some sense into anything Sonja has said about Tinsley. In a second delusional reach, her decision to bring Dorinda over Carole or Tinsley to Puerto Rico because it’s not time for “eyelashes” was so obviously untrue I don’t know what to say. Thankfully Carole’s blog did it for me.

2. Promo disappointment. Bravo loves teasing us with the best moment of the next week’s episode but I found this one a bit of a letdown. The confrontation between Sonja and Ramona was barely a blip on the radar as far as RHONY drama goes. Not every ep can be a total shit show screamfest but I had higher hopes for this pairing.


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  1. I hope this is Bethenny’s final season, the edit hasn’t been super flattering to her but I must admire that she’s forcing herself to align with Sonja <3 Carole has been really good this season. Her blog this week was an incredible read too and made Bethenny look like a moron.

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