The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Reunion Power Ranking Pt. 1

How in the shit did this season get a three part reunion?

6. Erika:

I’ve been supportive of Erika all season while she’s been portrayed as the cold, mean bitch versus Teddi, but this reunion performance was not good. This was her chance to laugh things off, show a sense of humour, and bring some of the likeable sass from her talking heads. Instead we had the cagiest Erika we’ve ever seen, refusing to answer questions and making things super awkward. Better luck next time, lady.

5. LVP:

I don’t even think this is my bias showing. LVP came off as a ridiculous, whiny baby every time she spoke. Her butthurt over Lisa Rinna’s fantastic Instagram stories (thanks for making these canon at the reunion btw) was the peak of hypocrisy coming from “it’s just a little British humour” Vanderpump. Then I thought she came off terribly again regarding the disastrous dinner with Kyle and Dorit. She wanted more attention paid to Ken’s lawsuit dismissal but Kyle and Dorit had (rightly) assumed she wouldn’t want to dwell on personal stuff. How the might have fallen.

4. Dorit: 

Pretty low-key appearance this week from Dorit. None of her major feuds were really addressed and Kyle and LVP really drove the segment about their dinner which left Dorit out. Still, considering what a (lovable) numbskull she is, she managed not to fuck anything up too badly…so far.

3. Teddi:

She had an easy week as well. She got a nice fluff piece about her fertility woes and then her superstar dad and Meg Ryan were brought up positively, while Erika managed to make herself look terrible when Andy suggested the duet. I still find her communication style to be condescending, boring, and infuriating simultaneously so we’ll see if she stays in the top half as the reunion drags on and more of her monotonous drama is discussed.

2. Rinna:

Rinna knows how to reunion. She got called out for being boring this season but managed to brush it off. I say she placed this high simply because she wouldn’t give LVP one inch about her Instagram stories. They were a hit and she knows it. Hopefully she keeps speaking the truths the other ladies only want to dance around.

1. Kyle:

Though it pains me to put her up here because reunion Kyle is generally one of my most-hated Kyle Richards incarnations, she came off well here. She made her point against LVP leaving her out to dry and they even had a package of flashbacks ready to back her up. Not sure if she can remain on top considering her little LVP/Dorit jealousy is literally the only thing she contributed all season.

Reunion garb mini-ranking:


6. Dorit – It’s weird to me that Erika takes all the shit for her excessive glam squad and being overstyled because Dorit is constantly in the exact same boat, plus it’s usually executed worse. That dress is not flattering and she’s got about 50% too much attached to her head.

5. LVP – Unsurprising considering she’s been stuck in a style rut since the…1980s? I’d wager. Her sequin dress is a step up from her pussy-bow blouses and bump-it hairstyles but it still manages to be frumpy and unflattering.

4. Teddi – Teddi looks fine. I’m sure she bought her dress for a very normal amount of money and hated the entire shopping process. Points off for being boring and predictable.

3. Kyle – Kyle’s dress is an uninspiring black but it’s interesting enough in cut to squeak above Teddi. Kyle generally has terrible style and I wish she’d bring back the classic Kyle muumuu era.

2. Erika – Honestly a very restrained look from Miss Jayne. I think her head looks sleek and nice with the ponytail, the earring cuff is fun and the dress is just the right amount of 80s to be fun before you end up in tacky territory. Kudos, Mikey Minden.

1. Rinna – For someone with such an iconic and never-changing signature hairstyle, I love whenever Rinna switches it up. The curly bob is fun and fresh and her sequin silver dress looks great.


2 thoughts on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Reunion Power Ranking Pt. 1

  1. Rinna was great,but generally this reunion had no tempo to dance to.

    Erika is getting so much disdain from the GP (and Bravo reddit) of course. My fave nickname for her coming from them being “ErikUGH”.

    1. Yeah I’ve sympathized with her all season. Teddi is good at gaslighting and as Camille would say “the person who remains in control is the one who wins” so Erika has been wrecked for her emotional outbursts (when everyone wanted more emotion from the ice queen). Reddit is honestly unreadable about Teddi/Erika.

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