The Round-Up: The Passion of the Kim

Let’s take a stroll among the ruins of the Zolciak-Biermann empire, shall we?

So much dancing on Kim’s grave, so little time. Let’s start with a round-up of only the Wig-related gossip.

  • If you expected the eventual Kim apology to be equal parts messy, defensive, and tone-deaf, you were right, but don’t pat yourself too hard on the back because duh. Anyway you’ll be shocked to learn that the statement “racism didn’t exist 10 years ago” was taken out of context, and that the real culprit here is social media.
  • Kim also briefly suspended filming on Don’t Be Tardy in what has to be the biggest self-own of a tantrum ever. Girl…you…you need money to live…
  • Meanwhile, it’s a Kim Is Over Party and everyone’s invited, no matter how long ago their dalliance with Ms. Z may have been. Enter DJ Tracy Young(!!!) to give the whole affair a delightful Seinfeld finale flavor by testifying to Kim’s monstrous delusions. We’re still awaiting comment from Big Poppa.
  • Would it surprise you learn that one of Kim’s few defenders is Kyle Richards? Would that she were as thoughtful of certain other Kims.

Also some other shit happened if you’ve grown tired of reading about Kim’s definitely-not-racist ass:

  • Is Cynthia Bailey fucking Nick Cannon? Uh…I don’t know who cares good for her? Certainly better than sitting around celibate for ten months. . .
  • In more conclusive proof that Vicki Gunvalson is the true victim here (in life, in general), she has launched accusations that Brooks stole money from her. How dare he reap ill-gotten gains from the good works of Coto Insurance?
  • Guess what time it is? Yep, the Countess has been partaking of the wacky tobaccy. Curse that 1999 car accident that has left her dependent on weed’s medicinal effects.
  • And uhhh in other Lu news.

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