Highs and Lows: War and P.O.S. – RHONY

The rapid implosion of Lady Morgan continues for our televisual enjoyment.


1. Escape to troll mountain. In addition to Carole being back to her former witty self, she’s brought such a delightfully bitchy attitude to the season. Regarding Ramona’s marathon celebration party, I was here for the return of facetious, trolly Carole. I definitely read some comments in places that shall not be named who were condemning her for being so rude to Ramona about the party. That Carole, always going over the basics’ heads.

2. Partner appreciation. I liked Dennis! That Gucci sweater was definitely like your wearable mid-life crisis sports car but still, he was amusing. He has a calmness about all the dinner party antics that make you understand how he can handle Bethenny. But even more than I liked Dennis, Dorinda liked Dennis. Much as I’m a diehard Johnrinda fan, I might be shipping an affair where she drinks 12 martinis and fucks Dennis on a waterbed. Ramona can get with John as his revenge.


3. Luann-mnesia. Ok so I specifically remember watching the Countess’s IG stories when they were filming this, screenshotting them, and sending it to my fellow witches just to remark on what the hell is Luann wearing. That pink feathered sweater was on another level. Anyway as I alluded to last week, much like Dorinda I found that awkward moment between Luann and Dennis to be everything and more.

4. Tipsy girls. Uh, can we talk about how the power has shifted this season such that a friendless Bethenny is sticking up for Luann and Sonja at their messiest? It’s definitely a Bethenny I can get behind more than when she had Carole in her coven of unlikeability.

5. Low blows. Dorinda is an educated, successful and well spoken woman but when unleashed on Sonja she beats her to death with her own sexy J. Liar, liar ho on fire is not witty nor does it make much sense but why wouldn’t I want to hear a 50 year old woman bellow that out at her frenemy during a dinner party in a multimillion dollar mansion in the Hamptons?

6. Cheque-mate. This is low-key my highlight of the episode. Tinsley came to play! Clearly she was coached into a confrontation by Dorinda but she modeled her whole MO right after Mrs. Medley with that “shut your legs” outburst. But really, bringing a CHEQUE to dinner is genius. I love a good prop. She had to pack that cheque and bring it along to the Hamptons, bring one single cheque to the dinner and then forget a pen so she could terrorize all the staff to pay Sonja for her stay at Morgan Gardens. I demand more props. In true Tinsley fashion though her big outburst was mostly ignored and Bethenny lit the cheque on fire while she weakly whined about wanting to pay Sonja and Ramona was freaking out in the background over her dinnerware.

7. Strategy Singer. I wouldn’t blame Ramona for not wanting to sit across from Sonja after that text either, but that whole attempt to just casually head over between Tinsley and Dorinda to get her interior decor opinions then ask for her food to be delivered there was some amazing strategizing. Absolutely nobody noticed anything was amiss.


1. Predictability. I don’t take a special joy in only putting Bethenny in my lows section. She hasn’t even been bad yet this season by her standards. But stop it with the real estate shit! Take it to your terrible show with Fredrik. I challenge you to B Strong and not do anything annoying next week.

Speaking of next week…


I’ll see you witches then.



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