The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Reunion Power Ranking Pt. 3

Y’all we just witnessed a murder-suicide with the same victim.

Getting friendly:

Kim: This segment of the reunion was all about Kim. Any of Andy’s attempts to ask the other ladies questions always circled back to Kim, and usually Nene going at it. Kim has never done well at the reunions and her pathological need to lie always ended up with her getting nailed to the wall. This time round was even worse, she didn’t have anyone on her side and had a devastating flashback to contradict each and every lie. Even Shereé realized now was not the time to back her up and abandoned ship. Credit to Andy: he has never let Kim’s bold lies slide and this reunion was no exception. She could have probably just slunk off back to Don’t Be Tardy without much ado but then…we take a trip to the bathroom and Kim shoots herself in more than the foot. Her delusions led her to think that a stint as a friend of would mean that she is fawned over with adulation for her family. Then the racial stuff comes up and yeah, not a good look. For years now there has been enough of an ambiguous twist to most of the racial criticism Kim has received but there’s only one way to take her rant about racism being created by social media. What a terrible note to certainly end her time on Atlanta permanently.

6. Shereé (-2):

Since Kim was only a friend of, it falls to Sheree again to have the worst appearance at this reunion. The Tyrone business was brought up and there’s just no way she can win with prison bae locked up tight. Her suggestion that it’s fine to date someone in prison because many women date married men and they can’t get the attention they need either was particularly delusional.

5. Porsha (NC):

She did manage to shut down Shereé but that isn’t exactly a challenge. This reunion ep wasn’t about Porsha and it never was going to be. While she filmed with Kim out of desperation during the season it’s clear that she isn’t sticking her neck out to defend her.

4. Cynthia (+2):

Cynthia was funny! Her position here in fourth place is not a detriment to her performance, as most of the ladies had a good showing thanks to the Kim destruction. The revelation that she suggested the roach costume for Gregg was hilarious and she got to whip off a few barbs in Kim’s direction. She managed to redeem herself once she got out of the hot seat.

3. Kandi (-2):

I wasn’t sure if she was going to go on Kim for anything because I honestly forget the box-licking comments she made, but once again we got to watch Kandi go off and that is something I will never get enough of. Being the most sane member of the cast, Kandi always gets to come off looking good when she confronts someone and with Kim, well, she never had a shot. She also clearly and succinctly explained why the roach thing was so racially uncomfortable to all of us viewers who may have been on the fence.

2. Kenya (NC):

Kenya was a damn delight. She was cackling in the background every single time somebody shit on Kim and was clearly having a blast. I love a dramatic couch switch and climbing over to make sure Kim couldn’t ignore her was just the right amount of Kenya attention-seeking I love. She made her point about Kim unnecessarily butting into her house rivalry with Shereé and whipped off some good one liners to seal the deal.

1. Nene (+2):

She definitely started creeping towards the yelling bully reunion Nene I’m not a fan of, but there’s no denying she was the victor. She got to flay Kim alive for pretty much every indiscretion this season. Her justification that it doesn’t matter if Gregg was married if they’re still married 20 years from now was not the strongest but it’s quickly forgotten amongst roach-gate and her entertaining rant about Kim’s laundry list of health afflictions. And finally, something to bring her together with Kenya.

Well that’s a wrap on season 10. Until next time…



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