The Best of Blogs: RHONY S10E03

We’ve never been big on the Bravo blogs, but the above image, which we were made aware of via Danny Pellegrino, recently alerted us to the fact that uhhh the RHONY ladies’ blogs this season are fucking incred? Enjoy the following shade sampler to whet your appetite (as if you need to) for RHONY Wednesday.

I’d like to start by noting that, while it’s too long to include, Carole’s blog this week presents a list titled “Carole is the kind of person who_________” that includes such endings as “that if her friend was running a marathon, she’d be at the finish line,” “drives four hours in traffic to go to her friend’s birthday dinner, who brings three dozen roses, and doesn’t make a big deal when she doesn’t say thank you,” and “will correct the record backed up with screenshots and evidence. Lol.” So arguably you should read the whole thing.

That notwithstanding, here are the rest of our selections:

Honorable Mention: Carole

P.S. Ramona isn’t tolerated by any of us. She is and has been a good friend who has her quirks like the rest of us. But that girl has more close girlfriends than any single girl I’ve ever known. They literally velcro themselves to her side! That’s because she knows what it means to be a good friend, regardless of her dynamic with Bethenny, who is not a friend to her. And sure, I guess Luann can be fun too, but she called me a pedophile, refers to my three-year relationship as a “boytoy,” and diminishes my accomplishments, because I don’t have three dance tunes on Pandora! But sure, B, she’s fun too. Nice way to have my back like I always had yours. Sad.

5. Dorinda

Signing divorce papers—again out of choice—due to lack of trust, love, or loyalty, and then having lunch at Le Bilboquet afterwards, is FAR different to watching a life slip away before your eyes and then making arrangements for his funeral.

4. Ramona

Carole is the least needy woman I ever met. Complete opposite of Bethenny.

3. Carole

Three of my five friends are complaining that I didn’t give them enough affirmation when none of them showed up to support my marathon run and instead took one and a half seconds to write a text. I guess they expected a parade when all I did was say, Thank you! (written out).

2. Dorinda

P.S. Lu, sorry I got lipstick on your sweater. Remember, you can send it to Madame Paulette or use the new stain kit I gave you!

1. Luann

As for who bought the gift card Tinsley gave to Sonja, who gives a sh–? Yet, when Tinsley goes on and on about being a debutante from a fine Richmond family then doesn’t show generosity to her hostess, what does that say about debutantes …or Richmond (not much!)?

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