The Round-Up: Love Is an Island

My it’s been a busy gossip week. (Or maybe I’ve just been bored-refreshing my Google Now too much.)

  • Gossip folks that you are, you may recall Danielle Staub’s tit-for-tat conflict with Bravo last season, where she refused to let them air jizz-on-my-shoe-gate during the season proper, so they refused to air her engagement. Well, in truly de Lessepsian style, an accord has seemingly been reached: Danielle is filming her wedding for the show. Now make her full-time already!!! Surely upsetting Caroline Manzo is motivation enough.
  • The final piece of Eva Marcille’s peach campaign has fallen into place, as her ex melodramatically suggests that he is the actual father of her newborn son. None of this ever would have happened if she’d just stayed with Missy.
  • Think Beverly Hills Season 8 was a vapid entertainment wasteland? Well, Lisa Rinna agrees with you. Say it on the show, Rinna! What’s the worst that can happen, LVP gets you booted from this tired-ass xanchise? Brandi Glanville’s living her best life; so can you.
  • Attention, absurdly large Cheshire readership: Dawn Ward’s vicarious thirst has paid off, as her daughter Taylor seems likely to be cast on Brit—hell , the world’s most inexplicably popular show, Love Island. Get ready for lots of…fucking and…drinking…and…? I mean IIIII don’t know what they do on this show good luck to anyone who attempts it.
  • And how is Tamra Judge’s life going? Weeeelllll, husband Eddie just underwent his fourth heart surgery in as many months for an unspecified condition, and son Ryan started beefing with his ex on Instagram, forcing Tamra to “intervene” somehow. (Said “an insider” gee I wonder who, “Tamra let them both know that it needed to stop. Ryan should have never started that fight, but Sarah isn’t that innocent, either!”) Anyway Tamra is back at it drinking with Shannon in Philly post-QVC appearance (why do they film QVC programs in Philly) so don’t worry too much about her.

One thought on “The Round-Up: Love Is an Island

  1. Fuck. I wonder if Love Island will be finished in time for Dawn to enter the CBB house. 🙁

    Danielle’s wedding being an upcoming RHONJ storyline is so surreal lmfao <3

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