Highs and Lows: Til Brunch Do Us Part – RHONY

My rose in life is RHONY.


1. Splitsville. Carole has been bringing it this season (not to mention all her social media/blogs) and watching the demise of her friendship with Bethenny is great viewing. You can tell she’s been giving Bethenny the slip for a while now so B is coming back really defensive. So glad you found your voice and aren’t afraid to use it, Carole.

2. Jitney’d. Sonja’s trek to the Hamptons felt like something out of a movie. The way the camera work was shot to look as chaotic as possible when she was leaving the city almost gave me vertigo.  Then she had some camera man filming her on the bus with presumably his cell phone based on the footage. Cutting between Tins/Carole/Dorinda in their car to contrast with her hellish trip was perfect. Then to top it all off she was picked up by some random man in a F-150. Sonja might be a hot mess this season, but she still gives us such wacky entertainment.

3. Under the radar. Ramona is predictably taking a back seat from the drama this season after her villain run last year. Still, Ramona Singer is a goddamn icon who cracked my shit up over and over: her description of her new car, making these poor art dealers into her servants, training men to open car doors for her, bringing up the Carole/Bethenny tension, etc. She’s definitely a better friend than Luann, too.

4. Dale’s bidding. Tinsley is once again bringing some nice middle of the road insanity. Top moment this episode though goes to the revelation (that is completely unsurprising) that Dale forced Tinsley to freeze her eggs so she’d have some that are sub-40. For some reason I don’t see those eggs getting much use anytime soon.

5. Tour of terror. I’m trying to think of another housewife who has managed this big of a mess in three episodes the way Sonja has. Teresa? Brandi? Anyway, comparisons aside hooooboy is Sonja ever a hot mess. At least in Turks and Caicos she was blackout drunk, now she’s just a pilled out delusional mess. From strolling into dinner and telling Carole her hair is grey, to that nutty convo about the thx vs. thanks they received with Luann, remarking on Ramona’s relationship with her contractor and then finally going one step too far — rolling her eyes about Richard’s passing.

6. The pop off. We all knew it was coming. We were waiting for it. It’s time for Dorinda to launch off at Sonja, circa the same point last season where she was going on about her EZ Pass vagina. And yet, it was still better than anticipated. Dorinda vs. Sonja might be one of my favourite real housewives feuds just for the quotes and rants it gives us. In case you didn’t notice, it was actually two Dorinda rants spliced together. First the one that gave us that amazing heaven/purgatory diatribe (Luann: “it’s impossible to get a reservation!”) and then after presumably a few more cocktails, we finally got to the finger pointing, you ass rant. We are not worthy of an angel like Dorinda.


1. Bethenny’s entrances. I actually found a lot of Bethenny’s scenes amusing this week because she’s obviously so insecure about Carole’s friendship with Tinsley but both scenes started off with her being the most Bethenny possible. First when she headed into the Greek restaurant and was just going a mile a minute about being late but only 12 minutes late. Then when she met Carole and Tinsley and couldn’t stop rambling about going to the bathroom and nobody paying attention to her. It’s like a caricature of Bethenny at this point.

Next week looks lit. I rewound that gentle “ohhh” about 30 times last night. See you next RHONY Wednesday.

6 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: Til Brunch Do Us Part – RHONY

  1. OK, I was wrong last week. Now I’m really into Carole channeling her own Nancy Thompson to send Bethenny back to hell by just… not even acknowledge her presence.

    That doesn’t save her (or us) from living another apartment/house nightmare showing though.

    Btw, writer girl needs to be more careful with advertising she doesn’t lock her doors!

    1. Carole is back baby! She realizes that the best way to shut down an attention seeking needy neurotic beast like Bethenny is just to be aloof. Brilliant stuff. I mean half of it is just Carole’s personality, but now she doesn’t jump with Bethenny demands it.

  2. The eerie parallels between Bethenny and Carrie Bradshaw where no one shows up for the party and they awkwardly sit with people staring.

  3. I loved this episode and I hope I can be anywhere near as ~angelic~ as Dorinda in my 50’s. Bonus points for Luann’s shade of “maybe running a marathon makes her feel entitled :smug” <3

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