Highs and Lows: The Runaway Runway – RHOBH

Can you believe we made it? Did we make it? Am I already dead and stuck on the purgatorial terrace where late Beverly Hills episodes play on loop? Ironically there’s great terrace porn here.


1. Codependence. I forgot to mention this in last week’s post but I about died when Dorit said the only place that PK is comfortable being alone is in the shower. I find it astonishing how frequently this level of extreme codependence in relationships is a factor on housewives. After Dorit’s show when all she wanted was her husband I just felt that twinge again. It’s so alien to me yet admittedly fascinating.

2. Kyle strikes out. While I appreciate Kyle’s attempt to ruin another event, she was once again dredging up boring, buried shit from earlier in the season. Nobody was in the mood for it and without Erika’s back up she ended up having to storm out in tears. That one backfired, Richards.


1. Teddi the shadow. Kyle may have called her Timely Spice, but I can’t get over how many times this season Teddi has gone rushing after a lady after an argument to rub their backs and give them a pep talk. I find it infuriating even through my screen. Admittedly I’m more of an Erika than I’ll ever be a Teddi so the thought of someone crowding me when I’m upset makes me want to rip their arm off. She’s just such a beta with her head so firmly implanted up Kyle’s ass that I’m going to despise anything she does.

2. Endless solo footage. I know this is going to be surprising, but it appears that LVP has acquired MORE dogs. To live in Villa Rosa! How quaint. I felt relieved when we finally moved on and over to the Rinna/Hamlin abode, only to be treated to an eternal haircut while Rinna tried to justify her lack of drama for the season. I love me some Rinna, but I am expecting her to bring some of that spice from her talking heads/IG stories to the actual show next season.

3. Those illegible endcards. Why did they change these? I hope they don’t change the end cards for any of the other franchises. I love the old school little square frame with the text on the solid background. I could barely read these over the sepia toned video. I guess they were trying to save me the effort since they were a snooze anyway.

3 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: The Runaway Runway – RHOBH

  1. Honestly this season of bh is worst than last season of oc at this point. I think OC was just as boring but the drama was better. for example, the quite women, kelly vs peggy, kelly and vicki vs shannon and tamra at kellys house, the trip was good as well.

    1. Yeah I think the only way you could argue OC is worse is just because your expectations were higher. This season of BH is the worst season of any franchise I’ve seen. Zero highlights, zero fun fights, just a dull march to the end.

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