Highs and Lows: Better Latex Than Never – RHOBH

Is this recap as late as Erika?


1. Pandas. I will never be mad at pandas on my screen. They really are adorable.

2. Lisa vs. Lisa. While Lisa Rinna has tragically been very under the radar this season, her brief talking heads where she drags LVP give me little pockets of joy. Perhaps it’s because I’m such a fan of her destroying LVP on her Instagram stories (Rinna is a must follow on IG, btw) and I’m ready for her to bring it to the show. In fact it might be the only thing that could save it.

3. Business Dorit. I did crack up at the end scene of Dorit planning her fashion show and explaining to us like children how shows are timed and you can’t just change the length of the runway. Watching Dorit pretend to be a big important fashion person was just the kind of She by Shereé nonsense I needed. It does appear that Beverly Beach actually exists, but we’ll see come September Spring/Summer who has the last laugh. Yes, I’d rather just rehash Atlanta than BH.


1. Tardy for the parties. Oh good, another episode based around someone’s lack of punctuality. I could not be more excited. Other people being late sucks! It’s annoying. I don’t need to watch it on my screen. Erika said sorry and didn’t fault anyone for going on without her. This is such a non issue my god, kill me.

2. More dogs. I love dogs. I have a dog. Dogs are everywhere. There literally is no shortage of dog media on the internet or television. This isn’t the Real Dogowners of Beverly Hills. No more scenes at Vanderpups, I tell you. No more!!

3. Moving house. I felt no sympathy for the whole Kyle packing up and leaving scene. They brought us Faye Resnick and didn’t even put her in a scene with anyone else to get clowned. What a waste of a guest appearance. Anyway, wow I’m so sorry you feel so bad about moving from your mansion to a new mansion, Kyle. It must be so hard.


2 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: Better Latex Than Never – RHOBH

  1. My personal high for the episode came at the start of the preview where it was revealed that the next episode was the finale. We’re almost free! :’)

    1. Honestly the only reason this got posted at all (despite sitting half ready in my drafts for days) was knowing tonight is the finale and I am almost freed of BH duty. Truly my karma for stealing someone’s wife in 1783.

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