The Round-Up: Baby Baby

All about bundles of joy, and also of unpaid cash.

  • We begin with a helpful reminder to our US readers to file their taxes this week, courtesy of Kim Richards, who didn’t pay $118k worth of hers whoops! I’m sure it was all an innocent mix-up caused by her alarm not going off.
  • We have new NJ cast! Meet Jacqueline Mark(?) Goldschneider and Jennifer Aydin. Jackie writes for something called and has two sets of twins, so prepare for lotsa boring raising kids footage. Jennifer, meanwhile, is friends with the iconic Kathy Wakile, and, in a pretty reliable sign of Housewife creepiness, is married to a plastic surgeon. Neither is confirmed to be main cast yet; more notably, it also looks like Danielle will not be elevated from Friend Of status. Injustice continues to reign in our fallen world.
  • Kenya Moore continues her parade of trollery (or as she calls it, “life”) by adamantly insisting that she’s not using a surrogate for her baby, but toootally would for the next one(!!!). Breathtaking. Looking forward to welcoming little Marc Jr. in September Spring/Summer.
  • Meanwhile, Eva Marcille has actually given birth to her actual child. If the MKE experience has taught us anything, this evidently makes her an irresistible candidate for a full-time slot.
  • Finally, apropos of nothing but our status as the internet’s official no. 1 Katie Rost fan site, enjoy just a taste of the madness she regularly comes out with social media. Would it shock you to hear she has since deleted both of these posts?

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