The Guillotine Comes Down in Atlanta

Friday night news dump alert! We’re getting our first rumors of how the expected RHOA reshuffle is taking shape, and it’s not beginning with the usual suspects.

Per B. Scott, the Housewife whose peach has been snatched is not Porsha, not Kenya, but, tragically, our dear Sheree. Reminisce here; we’ll wait.

Other tidbits?

  • Kim Zolciak, in infinitely less surprising news, has fucked up her repeaching chances with her mess of a performance this season (looks like she’ll have to sell that Brielle sex tape after all);
  • Kenya has hustled herself an against-God’s-plan eleventh season with her pregnancy and husband’s newfound willingness to film, which I’m sure are completely sincere and real things that exist in our universe;
  • Eva could yet secure a peach for herself, something we decade-plus fans of the Diva are very much rooting for;
  • And Kandi, NeNe, Cynthia(!), and Porsha(!!!) have all easily secured new contracts. What a world.

3 thoughts on “The Guillotine Comes Down in Atlanta

  1. This is horrible news and gave me legit anxiety IRL Sheree 🙁 There’s no reason she should be fired over Cynthia and Porsha, especially given the alleged reason of lack of storyline and no one being her friend. Literally both of those could be applied to Porsha but she got to sit next to Andy *eye roll*

    Kim whatever, she wasn’t the same as she was in early Atlanta.

  2. It’s time for Marlo to rise, she’s earned her peach. She’ll never be given one, but she deserves it after this last season, she was more a housewife than NeNe was at the very least.

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