Highs and Lows: Berliners – RHOBH

Due to my just skipping last week’s recap I’ve decided to combine the two since we’re still on the cast trip to Berlin this week. And I mean really, did you miss the commentary? The endless discussion of all the pivotal moments? I thought so.


1. Nanny Kay-gate. I find it a more classic, delightfully petty version of LVP that is coming at Kyle for not knowing who her dear departed grandmother is. Bonus points go to Erika for piling on and making Kyle look even worse. I don’t actually care one way or the other but I do support hearing the name Nanny Kay uttered as many times as possible.

2. Horsing around. I don’t care for horses or any of Kyle’s crybaby fear histrionics but I did appreciate her allergy/anxiety attack cutting short a boring horse riding scene.



1. Portia’s shirt. Not giving that blasted place any SEO but suffice it to say that Kyle and Mauricio have surpassed a certain anorexic margarita extract in constant, and shameless promotion.

2. Edibles. I can’t stand listening to these women order food. Do you remember earlier when they ordered guacamole with carrot sticks???!?! That’s a revolting combination, just get some damn tortilla chips ladies or pass on the guac altogether. Anyway today we got to see these BH bitches terrorize a poor German waiter with their demands for 300 different non-dairy milks and Kyle’s hard-boiled, hollandaise on the side eggs benedict order (what’s the point!!!). Being this rich is not worth the diet. I like how they were all disgusted by veal tartare at the dinner though, as if half of their closets aren’t filled with things worse than baby cows.

3. Ad nauseam. Beverly Hills is known as the petty drawn out drama franchise. I know this, you know this. Even now on a cast trip when a new fight is almost always bound to be brought up – nope. Dorit brought up her anger at Kyle for the New York kerfuffle, then dug deep into last season’s pantygate to try and nail her down. Just stop! Give us something, anything. Rinna – any drug accusations bopping around in that head of yours?

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