Yeah I’m ranking them duh~

7. Bethenny (“It’s great to be successful. But it’s even better to B Strong.”)

I wouldn’t even have realized the play on words if the above article didn’t inform me, so assiduously do I avoid following Bethenny Frankel’s business pursuits. But my God must everything be branded with you woman??? More like Brandenny (I’ve had a couple glasses of wine stay with me here).

6. Dorinda (“I have a big heart, but little patience.”)

Little disappointed she didn’t continue her previous tagline’s tack of referencing the season before (wouldn’t have minded if she just showed up shouting “CLIIIIIIIIIIP,” honestly). But uh yes please continue leaning into your lack of patience, especially during happy hour.

5. Carole (“In the marathon of life, loyalty is everything.”)

Kind of reminds me of Gamble’s S4 tagline, in that it doesn’t make a whooole lot of sense on its own but I do still earnestly appreciate her using it to take an obvious dig at her egomaniacal soon-to-be-former best friend. I also appreciate her writerly instinct to foreground her main solo storyline in the season intro. (P.S. I hate to admit this but it just struck me that “In the marathon of life, I’m the word on the street” kinda works…)

4. Sonja (“I’m not just a last name. I’m a legacy.”)

AND A CALLING?!?!?! Sorry sorry I’ll stop it with the Potomac refs. Anyway, gotta love Sonja doubling down—well, it’s gotta be more like quintupling down at this point, actually—on her delusions.

3. Ramona (“Age is an issue of mind over matter: if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter!”)

Ramona continuing to dip into the vaudeville one-liners for her taglines. I’m not mad about it though; more impressed that she actually uttered the word “age” this time.

2. Tinsley (“Come on, why cook when I can order room service?”)

I basically exclusively subsist on delivery so fuckin amen girl. We may give Tins shit for being a woman-child, but c’mon, if you can afford eternal hotel life why the hell not??? (Especially when you can be sure that nobody has recently jizzed on your duvet.)

1. Luann (“The most interesting people make the best headlines.”)

I mean come on. On a scale of 1 to that guy on Grey’s Anatomy who fucked Meredith then suffered from a humiliating case of priapism, how hard are we all for S10 Lu? (Yes I used to watch Grey’s what of it.)

9 thoughts on “RHONY TAGLINES Y’ALL

  1. I swear Bethenny stole that from one of Kyle Richards’ notebooks and just changed the word “yourself” to “strong” (and I’m sure it goes without saying that optimal version would end in “the word on the street”). Honestly, half of these really suck and are bottom tier taglines. Ramona’s is good though, and Tinsley’s is cute. Lu’s is instantly iconic, though, and I expected nothing less. I also love that she bumped Bethenny out of the closing spot; for the third year in a row, it’s going to be The Season of Lu.

    Unrelated to RHONY, but any plans on covering Cheshire this season? I NEED a Bitchy Witches break down of Ester and Tanya’s #SeemaAndStaceyExposedParty.

    1. All three of us are going through various STATES OF FLUX right now, so Cheshire has (I think understandably) fallen to the wayside. But I imagine we’ll attempt at some point to catch up with Ester and Nermina and Rachel Lugo Twin Sister Katy Gibraltar and dear Ratboy and all the rest.

      1. Oh no, I was ready to breakdown if Bitchy Withes internet search sensation Katie/Katy Bibraltar’s twin sister Rachel Lugo did not get any more write ups.

        Also: Lu won.

  2. I honestly think almost all of these suck outside Luann 🙁 I do think it flows nicely as an intro like the mid atlanta seasons though. I also ironically stan Tinsley’s tagline.

    Also ramona in her press for this season says that Dorinda and Carole are her best friends now and Sonja and her have fallen out 😮 Also major lolz at Bethenny having to align with Sonja and Luann <3

    1. Yeah, I’m into the incipient Bethenny/Carole and Ramonja breakups; it’ll be fun to see the cast realign despite staying static. Bethenny/Lu/Sonja will certainly be one of the more unexpected reunion couches of the show’s history (although they frequently manage to end up seating Dorinda and Sonja next to each other somehow???).

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