Highs and Lows: Nightmare on Peach Street – RHOA

The Atlanta finale has happened. Did they manage to tie together the 3000 storylines of the season into a neat little bow? Did we achieve closure on the season’s biggest beefs? …


1. Costumes. I’m no fan of Nene but c’mon that Gregg Leakes roach costume was hilarious. I’m sure some insect fetishist was dreaming of being the one to feed Gregg pieces of candy…uh not speaking from experience or anything.  I can’t detract from 50 Cynt, either. Sure dressing up in drag always earns an easy laugh and might be unwise considering the transphobia of this franchise, but girl was committed to the character. I enjoyed Sheree being the knockoff to Eva’s original Cleopatra as well and Kandi was ever true to herself as sexy Pennywise.

2. Sheree’s basement. I for one am truly sad that Sheree will not have Tyrone to fill up that mancave anytime soon. As someone who grew up in a city plagued with illegal, mildewy basement suites, Sheree is really making me appreciate a basement. I would gladly head down to the spa for a massage, I only hope she gets some lightswitch plates once Tyrone’s next wire hits.


3. Kenya’s talking heads. It was once again Kenya-lite this week since Marc’s per diem wasn’t paid. As noted her costume (“Victoria’s Secret angel”) was a snooze considering her potential but I cackled at both her talking heads.



1. Playing Porsha. Far too much of this episode’s airtime was dedicated to Porsha’s play which I didn’t even know was a thing until last episode. First we had the radio interview promoting it and then we had to watch it play out. Only entertaining part of the whole ordeal was Sheree not showing up in protest.

2. Aborted feuds. Despite the petty costumes, Kim and Nene didn’t even interact at Eva’s party. Pretty sad fizzle out on the season’s main drama. I know it will be hashed out at the reunion but I was definitely expecting a little bit of friction at least. The season’s second antagonist, Porsha, also kept up her status quo of refusing to admit any wrongdoing even when blatantly caught. Marlo chased her around the party for a bit in that fabulous B.A.P.S. costume (great throwback to Kenya’s black icon party) but unfortunately was separated from her before anything could go down.

4 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: Nightmare on Peach Street – RHOA

  1. Watching any scene at Chateau Sheree makes me almost as uncomfortable as her castmates trying to pretend her house isn’t a glorified Bluth model home.

  2. This season looked so good on paper but it just fizzled in execution. This finale was so underwhelming and it just seems like Atlanta wants to do 2124124124 things and needs a cast shakeup. A lack of a general guiding storyline this season also hurt it too.

    I don’t think it was bad but it wasn’t a good season either. It’s a shame there probably won’t be any cast recycling at all besides Kenya potentially leaving which is just so not ideal, ugh.

    1. Yeah this wasn’t even a horrible season – I didn’t hate the episodes much but it was wasted potential. The ATL cast is in such a state of stagnation. Instead of hiring fresh wives, we ended up with the return of Kim and Nene. Now they did beef but Kim just ain’t the same from her early days and Nene was on and off the season due to her fuck up in negotiating per ep pay. Porsha was off in neverland and Kenya was MIA because of Marc. It’s actually amazing what they managed to cobble together with a solid supporting cast (Eva, Shamea, Marlo).

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