Highs and Lows: ReMarcable – RHOA

It’s time for the season’s penultimate episode. Is this where all of the flailing plotlines finally pull together into something cohesive? Spoiler alert: no.


1. Shereégina George. Loved Shereé asking Marc where he got his nose pierced because she wants to get her nose pierced then immediately mocking him behind his back for it.

2. Return of Kenya.  I’ll admit this was a pretty low-key Kenya appearance but she did get a nice shady talking head in about Tyrone’s checks. For the time she appeared in the episode she did breathe some life into it, despite her domestic abuse PSA premiere not being the most upbeat or enjoyable television viewing.

3. Tyrone the contractor. What a cringey-delight scene with Shereé on the phone talking about his man cave and how he’s taking care of buying everything for her basement from prison. You might not want to be involved with anything his money touches Shereé lest you find yourself with some new type of lien slapped on the Chateau. Also, no rush to finish up the basement.


1. This disjointed ass episode. So much random solo material that has no place this deep in a season. Cynthia and Nene’s kids talking about their futures! Porsha’s in another play! Kandi wants to buy a building! It felt like the kind of softball stuff usually rolled out in the beginning of a season before it picks up steam. Sadly I think this might have been one of the worst episodes of the season which while uneven, hadn’t really been this much of a snooze until now. Even the much anticipated unveiling of Marc was lackluster. We’ll see what the finale brings but I’m not even sure what anyone is fighting about anymore besides Kim/Nene and Porsha/everyone.

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  1. RHOA10 (along with RHOBH8) has turned into a case of “well, I really just don’t care”. At least RHOA S9’s late game was amazing; this season has been a slog from beginning to end tbh.

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