Highs and Lows: Heaven Knows – RHOBH

This week’s episode of Beverly Hills brings us the fallout from Teddi’s shit-stirring meltdown and a whole lot of death (by boredom, but also canine).


1. Dorit’s house pack. I died when she casually strolled through her house with her Gucci fanny pack only to open it up and pull her phone out. More amusing Dorit fashions please.

2. Papa Goddess. Sadly we have once again been let down by the franchise which pioneered amazing psychics. While there weren’t any juicy revelations about husbands, I did enjoy the explanation of the premise of this delightful weirdo’s method which pushes the limits of housewives psychics. You see she is blending technology and the angels or whatever and receives calls from heaven to her phone. I’m here for anyone scamming Kyle Richards out of more of that Agency money so keep up the good work, lady.

3. Past Lives. Erika’s story about her past life as a Spanish prince was enjoyable. She isn’t all ice and boring!


1. Dog downer. Nobody is going to enjoy watching the aftermath of a dog death but this one seemed particularly…sterile. I guess it’s just that cold British demeanor but it didn’t affect me the way other housewife dog deaths did (still crying about Velvet, tbh). Then of course because she is LVP, she managed to use it against Erika for not texting about the dog passing that she wasn’t aware of. Ugh I’m just so beyond LVP and especially her dog footage that I’m completely unsympathetic to even a dog dying.

2. Teddi so righteous. I think Teddi really loves dragging out all of her conflicts and circling about to everyone to follow up on the drama because she’s figured out how to appear as the only sane person, even when she brought it on herself. She calls up Dorit to apologize and doesn’t understand why it can’t be dropped (when she fucked up) but her reception of Erika’s apology didn’t seem like she had moved on. Erika’s outburst was excessive so Teddi just keeps bringing it up and deflecting on how shady “pretend amnesia” was to say. Of course this is minor shit and should have just been swept under the rug last episode but this is Beverly Hills so it will still be dragged up in the finale.

Next week: Berlin, where surely something interesting should happen, right?



4 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: Heaven Knows – RHOBH

    1. I feel like S6 is far enough behind me that I’m a bit less traumatized by its single monotonous storyline but I do remember it being pretty damn dire in retrospect. I’ll never get the image of Yolanda having all her cavities/teeth removed out of my mind.

  1. At this point, LVP is irredeemably becoming my least favorite HW of all time, and Teddi is quickly following her to the very bottom of that list. It doesn’t help that they both specialize in tanking the show in order to convince basics they’re cool and relatable.

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