Highs and Lows: Driving Miss Kim – RHOA

We’re back with our ATL coverage! I missed out on last week’s final romp in Barcelona but it was a pleasantly enjoyable episode in which nothing of note happened storyline-wise. This week’s episode finds the ladies back in Atlanta and it’s all about Kim and Nene.


1. Kim vs. Kandi. I’ve always enjoyed the dynamic of Kim and Kandi. Their friendship and collaboration on Kim’s music career was much of the highlights from the early seasons and watching Kim burn that bridge in such a spectacular way was classic Kimbo. I also am here for the continuing motif of Shereé ratting out Kandi about something she said on a trip Kim bailed on. The mental image of Chauffeur Kroy is mildly amusing to me but Kim finally finding a stable normal relationship and popping out 3000 kids is the reason she checked out of being a housewife so I will allow for her being called on it. Since Kandi is too rational to get sucked into a beef with Kim Zolciak again they smooth it over and go back to shooting the shit moments after Kandi was going full drag a bitch voice.


1. Colour blindness. I’m not a fan of any of the multiple facets of this Roach-gate saga. I don’t care about the morals of coming at kids on the housewives. The optics are never good for the housewife who does it, but I agree that Brielle is an adult and also she started it. Then there is the touchy race issue. Kim has been saying she doesn’t see colour for years and I honestly believe her. Kim is racist in the way most people are racist – ignorantly refusing to acknowledge experiences outside of her own white bubble. But regardless of who is right and who is wrong in this whole debacle, which is neither black or white, it’s just not entertaining.

2. Kenya-less. Guys this is my first time recapping Atlanta so I just want to let it be known that I am the world’s biggest Kenya fan. I think she’s magical and one day I will write all about it on this very site. I love her troll antics but it is seriously trying me this season because she is so far out of the picture. Girl I’m glad you found Flat Marc and are allegedly maybe really pregnant this time, but your peach is slowly disintegrating and I’m heartbroken.

3. Uber-raped. And she wasn’t talking about surge pricing! I feel like the only funny moment of this whole thing was Nene being surprised that Uber was created in San Francisco and that her audience was full of hardcore Uber fans just ready to tear her apart. Uh, no. Sure I believe Nene feels bad for what she said but mostly because she can’t reunion NeNe her way out of taking accountability. Also she lost out on that sweet Xscape tour money which won’t help in paying off those liens, chile.

4. Will. Why is Cynthia still dating Will??? Is getting conned on your #50Cynt bucket list, woman? I know it’s hard to be single on Atlanta because everything is always couples trips but surely you could find some young buck who actually just wants to lay some good pipe and doesn’t exude Brooks Ayers vibes?

Next week: Kenya returns from her quest to anthropomorphize Flat Marc and Shereé starts planning her next multi-year endeavor.

5 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: Driving Miss Kim – RHOA

  1. omg I’m so glad there’s a diehard Kenya fan among TBW. I am SO looking forward to that article <3

    The Will scene was SUCH a low, not even because the scene itself was that bad, but because the season has finally found its footing and it felt like such a step back into… well, whatever the first ten episodes were. I am enjoying roach gate, though; for as difficult as she can be to root for, there's a big part of me that always WANTS to be able to root for NeNe and appreciate her telegenic qualities, and Kim is the HW who I most enjoy see lose a fight, so this is a perfect match-up for me. I can see it being exhausting, though.

    Speaking of roach gate, something from a previous episode that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere: after 10+ years together, Sheree thinks Kim's daughter's name is Ariel (!!!).

    1. I was always a big Kim Z fan back in the day but I don’t know what it is lately that isn’t clicking for me. I missed her effortlessly being an asshole and pissing off everyone and getting dunked on constantly. I think the thirst is just too much. She did come in guns blazing at least and considering this season’s issues with storylines, it’s something. I don’t think I’ll ever be rooting for Nene, though lol.

      Can you blame Sheree for those kids just blurring together in her mind? They’ve done everything in their power to physically resemble clones.

  2. Cynthia needs to be banned from doing solo footage, the lack of Kenya was noticeable but at least Kim was providing friction and conflict for the group. I think the past few episodes have been some of the only interesting and coherent episodes so far.

    I always love seeing Kim and Kandi’s interactions, their relationship has always been fascinating.

    1. Also is it bad I sort of ironically stanned Nene’s excuse for telling an audience member she hopes she gets raped by an uber driver because there are a lot of ubers in San Francisco so she took it too sensitively? It’s so grimy and disgusting that it circles back around to lol.

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