The Round-Up: Sisters in Arms

Today’s Round-Up features sterling examples of the five basic conflicts of literature: woman vs. friend, woman vs. enemy, woman vs. frenemy, woman vs. husband, and woman vs. Kim Zolciak.

  • Bethenny vs. Carole, the friendship implosion reminding us that we used to like Carole, continues apace, as we learn that TINSLEY MORTIMER of all people is the wedge driving them apart. Dale raised you right, girl.
  • The OC friendship merry-go-round continues to spin at maniacal speed. Kelly and Vicki, at each others’ throats last time we checked in on them, are apparently friends now. And so are Kelly and Shannon? Okay. Meanwhile, Vicki and Tamra have already become besties again and fallen out again over the last few weeks. And here I thought they were really gonna make it work this time. At least all these people are actually filming together, I suppose.
  • The Camille/Dorit war is raging on across several theaters, including Twitter and Page Six. We can be sure this is all somehow the dastardly doing of Erika Girardi, Reddit’s Whore of Babylon.
  • So what’s up with the Beador divorce? Well the tabs want you to know all about it, including such shocking details as “Shannon drinks a lot” and “David has a lot of affairs.” Anyway you’ll be glad to know that Shannon seems to have taken him to the cleaners, even if she was (again shockingly) shaking while she signed the papers.
  • And finally, the RHOA reunion tea has leaked, and yes it’s messy of course it’s messy. Key takeaways: Kenya is once again dipping into the “maybe I’m pregnant teehee!” well; Marlo continues to be a dangerous (hilarious) psychopath; and Kim stormed off the set sobbing after a tag-team fusillade from NeNe and Kenya (who evidently changed couches to attain a better strategic position, bless). Bonus Brielle reaction footage here.

3 thoughts on “The Round-Up: Sisters in Arms

    1. Was literally gaming out the seating during my run today. (Carole/Dorinda/Tinsley/Ramona couch v. Bethenny/Luann/Sonja couch.)

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