Highs and Lows: Crying Shame – RHOBH

Just clearing the air about this episode 2 days after it aired. Hope that isn’t a problem for you.


1. Dorit victorious. For once Dorit was right about Teddi starting fires. I don’t usually dwell on my favourites being right as long as they entertain me, but it sure is fun when the two overlap on occasion. I really enjoyed her and Erika tag-teaming Teddi at the dinner.

2. Eileen. I was mostly Eileen-ambivalent during her original run but I must admit it was a breath of fresh air seeing her scene this week. The woman might be kind of boring but she does have some charisma. Plus I loved the face she made when Rinna and Erika said they worked things out with Dorit.


3. Trigger warning. I love finding out what Erika’s sore spots are. Obviously she hasn’t been a fan of Teddi all season and finally when she finally came at her she decided to put her down swiftly. Now a lot of the feedback I’ve read online about this was that Erika was awful and I once again am at odds with the general viewing public. What did she do that was so bad? If some chick you barely tolerate condescends to you about lying I would respond with the exact same level of vitriol Erika did. Could you say it was a bit aggressive? Sure, but don’t start none won’t be none, right Kandi? Aside from her tone all she did was tell her not to call her a liar and don’t fuck with her.


1. Crybabies. Teddi is kind of taking the approach of RHOC Lydia by taking on the peacemaker role when it’s clearly just a lot of shit stirring intended to blow up on people you don’t get along with. I do think she got her ass served to her thoroughly by Dorit before Erika even came on the scene. Gossiping about things to “clear the air” is housewives 101 so you better be prepared for confrontation, Ted-fred. Also crying isn’t a get out of jail free card in an argument. Erika isn’t responsible for your emotional response and it’s not like she wished your kids dead or something. Chill. If I’m comparing her to housewives gone by, actually, she’s almost Cindy Barshop territory for me. So dull and so completely uninterested in playing the game. Let’s hope her airtime goes the same way.

2. All forgiven. Looks like LVP surveyed her numbers and realized that she had to forgive Dorit for the timebeing. That being said I don’t doubt a few more jabs will be coming her way, but the frosty treatment from last week has passed.

3. Kyle’s “problems”. I have to admit Kyle’s new house does look cool. It has a lot more character than her current beige monstrosity. That being said I cannot relate to her incredibly difficult life decisions about whether or not to buy a 9 million dollar home.

5 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: Crying Shame – RHOBH

  1. Did you read Teddi’s Bravo blog? The jabs in it are such a mess, such as:

    “I was keeping it together regardless that a grown woman aggressively spoke down to me while wagging her finger like she’s auditioning to be in Destiny Child’s “No, No, No Part 3.”

    “Oh, and crybaby? Sure, I’m a woman with emotions, and I cried. It’s allowed. It’s natural. What’s not natural is for you to stop another woman from trying to comfort somebody who’s obviously upset. But all bow to Regina Jayne. I won’t be sitting at that table. I prefer genuine people and feelings over ice and diamonds”

    I screamed.

    The Bravo reddit is using this Teddi vs Erika debacle to fuel their anti-Erika agenda but I couldn’t give a damn. Teddi could have actually put up a fight if she had a semblance of a backbone, or was just… I don’t know… actually charismatic to twist the argument in her favour? Looking forward to the continued tension between them now at least.

    1. Oh god. I steer clear of the blogs usually as I don’t view them as canon but those redditors just love picking apart the Teddi blog asap to fuel their weird hate-on for Erika. Obviously half of my subtweet shade is about reddit but I also saw a lot of negativity towards Erika on twitter. I pop by to hate-read the episode discussion threads because I’m a masochist. I’m not sure what show they think they’re watching but we need these women to fight to entertain us. They get this way about BH and nothing else it’s so weird, creepy, and inappropriate.

      Aside from reddit, Teddi’s blogs are giving me such a manufactured feeling. She’s clearly just vibing the criticism of Erika (whom I don’t even love but feel the need to defend against these constant attacks) and riding it out. Those cheesy jabs are dad joke territory.

      1. It also seems like BH is the only franchise people want “Lifestyle porn” for as well. The fandom in general can’t decide what it wants for the franchise, at least according to the internet (Besides Queen Camille doing x y and z) *shrug* Also it seems like anyone who shit stirs on BH is the devil while the same people appreciate those types of housewives on say RHONY? It’s really weird but that’s mainly just reading the bravo subreddit and comparing episode discussion threads.

        1. Yeah I am wondering if the root of it is that lifestyle porn is all BH has had to offer for a good 4 seasons now (aside from a few good eps per season)? And RHONY is a good example because while I remember seeing a few people frustrated with Ramona overall I think everyone came around to the (correct) opinion that she’s a lovable psycho. They all fangirled Meghan King Edmonds too though, so their obsession does seem to have a clear type.

          It’s really a shame that the Bravo subreddit is the only extensive housewives discussion forum I’m aware of because I’d love to see what people are thinking outside of the hivemind and so I don’t feel like ripping my eyeballs out so much in frustration. I don’t think I read a single positive comment about Erika scrolling pretty deep into the discussion.

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