Highs and Lows: Gag Gift – RHOBH

Riding in from the high of that thrilling mid-season trailer, this week’s BH is solidly okay.


1. Dorit and Erika dynamic. I am really enjoying any time we get to see Erika and Dorit together. Now that Dorit isn’t constantly publicly discussing her genitals, I think Erika is really amused by Dorit just like we are. I thought it was cute when she asked her if she really talked that much shit when she was drunk.

2. Apologetic mounting. That whole LVP Dorit apology scene was such a trip. I’m glad Dorit did a couple rails before she went in to smooth things over with LVP. As much as her climbing on her lap and pinning her down to apologize was delightfully weird, it really was done with purpose as well. LVP loves to slink away to maintain higher ground.

3. Mikey Minden. This might be controversial because I’m pretty sure there isn’t a large pool of Mikey stans out there, but I’m starting to be amused by his presence. When we cut to that Erika scene at the Kim Kardashian game office and I saw him twirling around next to Erika he just became so absurd I giggled. He’s a ghoul comprised of nothing but juvederm and botox and laquered up in lipgloss. His appearance was honestly giving me Dwight from Atlanta vibes. Sadly he does not have the gleeful shit stirring personality of Dwight, but I’m here just for popping into scenes for some comic horror.

4. Downfall of Dorit. LVP is infuriating but it’s nice to see her turn on another of her little lambs so transparently. Cutting her pictures from Beverly Hills magazine was an exquisitely petty touch on top of the public humiliation and little jabs at the birthday lunch. We’ll see if Dorit goes the way of Cedrid and Brandi. I’m thinking not, LVP does still need a minion and Teddi isn’t mindless enough to replace Dorit.

5. Cunty Camille. Most people seem to have been “yasss queening” Camille all season but I’ve been a bit hesitant to totally get on board since she does like to fade into the background usually. While only the prudes of Beverly Hills would be shocked by a ball gag, I did appreciate her incredibly snide delivery of it.


1. Accountability sweats. No I don’t need any scenes about Teddi’s accountability coach lifestyle. Also can you imagine being friends with someone who needs to send their AC a picture of the menu when you go out for dinner? I’ll tell you to order the salad for free, chubbalucks.

2. More MIA Rinna. We got a brief peek of her shopping for lingerie with Camille but then she fell ill and the episode was once again devoid of my favourite Lisa. I know there are plenty of reasons this season is such a garbage dump but I really think the lack of Rinna involvement is a big part of why things are so dull.

2 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: Gag Gift – RHOBH

  1. i’ve moved past being bored by teddi and onto feeling kind of insulted by her fraudulent existence. praying for a miraculous downfall at the hands of dorit followed by a firing! this episode was alright though, yeah.

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