The RHOBH Mid-Season Trailer Has Landed

Here’s your sleep aid for the night: the RHOBH mid-season trailer. God bless whatever communications intern named this thing “More Drama than Ever Before”; you have a dark fucking sense of humour, my friend.

7 thoughts on “The RHOBH Mid-Season Trailer Has Landed

  1. I haven’t watched since episode 2 (besides watching the youtube clips) but is this better, worse, or equal to OC12 at this point?

    Also Potomac’s far more interesting season 3 trailer dropped I don’t know if you’re covering that here or not though 😮

    1. we are; just waiting for the trailer to be universally available on youtube ( geoblocks).

      as for better/worse than oc12… tough call. i would argue that it’s marginally better in that more stuff has HAPPENED, but it’s also petty boring beverly hills stuff and a fundamentally less interesting group of women. but it’s also less of a disappointment. idk. they’re both bad is my answer i guess.

    2. Taylor is a lot softer on BH than I am. I think BH8 is exponentially worse than OC12. OC12 had enough highlights and both Vicki and Shannon produce good solo footage. BH has been almost pure garbage and the most positive I’ve felt about any episodes this season was “well that was an ok ep I guess?”

  2. This season has been TRAGIC and nothing embodies that more than that trailer. The lack of gripping shots, quotes, conflicts or engaging… anything. Nice that Erika is taking on a villain role I guess?

    It’s been enough time that they should bring back Brandi GODville. I’ve enjoyed Camille as a Friend Of this season but, outside of Dorit, I need more charisma and group disasters from our BH wives. The last season I liked of BH was maybe… S3? S5 was cute enough.

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