The Round-Up: Bethenny Breaks

In this week’s Round-Up: is Bethenny leaving RHONY? Probably not. Is Kenya leaving RHOA? Probably. Is Jackie leaving the jungle? Oh, hunnies. Set your shine factor to maximum and click the link below.

  • Enter the Daily Mail with a “Bethenny is terrible” exposé. Burnt bridges abound (Carole is allegedly D U N), but perhaps most depressing is the news that B, hard up for numbers, will be crawling into bed with Sonja Morgan this season. The ultimate indignity, but the SkinnyGirl/Tipsy Girl brand synergy can only help them both.
  • Enter the Daly Mail — Kenya and Marc, that is — to refute the still-swirling rumours she’s about to get canned. Kenya’s response? “I can’t be fired, so that’s not true.” I respect the swagger but worry about the outcome.
  • RHOD is filming its third season, flawless cast untouched. The article teases some new Friends Of, but I’m still holding my breath for Marie Reyes to show up uninvited at a party with one of LeeAnne’s arch-enemies in tow, Kim G. style.
  • RHONJ will also start production soon after a rocky start fraught with delays.
  • Tragic news, my angels: Jackie Gillies is no longer shining it up in the wilds of Africa, having exited in seventh place. Two up-sides: she beat Lisa Oldfield, and Ben can now smell her t-shirts while she’s wearing them.
  • Over in Orange County, things have gone sour between Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd after Vicki fixed up Kelly’s ex-husband with his new boo. I, also, cannot believe that Vicki’s need to micromanage every human in her life would detonate a close friendship.
  • No doubt panicking at the notion of going forward with a paltry eight cast members, RHOCheshire has found its series seven newbie: Christine McGuinness. She’s no rachel lugo twin sister katie gibraltar, but she’ll do.

5 thoughts on “The Round-Up: Bethenny Breaks

  1. I’m triggered by that Christine article because of this excerpt:
    “[…] fellow Housewife and talented artist Stacey Forsey.”
    Mrs edgy arty and NOT fun being back for yet another season kills me deeply. I pray that Ester spends another season tormenting her.

    1. yeah i’m really not sure how stacey keeps getting renewed year after year but cheshire is the franchise whose casting i least understand in general so hey

      1. i think i read somewhere that cheshire’s contracts work differently and that the women can’t be fired or something? i’m not sure if that makes more or less sense than production being able to fire them and just choosing not to.

        1. i mean if true that sounds like an absurd corner to paint themselves into. this isn’t the supreme court lol

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