The Trailer Has Landed: RHONY Edition

Below the fold: the two-and-a-half minutes you’ll be playing on loop for the next month.

Our personal highlights?

  • Dorinda and Tinsley(!) tag-teaming Sonja;
  • Carole finally being relevant again (missed you bb!);
  • Luann duh;
  • The shocking surprise of Jill’s return;
  • Official line of the trailer, “In retrospect…why did I have to get married? 🧐”

What are yours? Yes, yes, all of them, I know, but what else.

5 thoughts on “The Trailer Has Landed: RHONY Edition

  1. “What am I going to do I’ve never been alone since I’m 20 years old :sob”

    “I’m alone too”

    There’s something bone chilling about Jill Zarin going back on RHONY on the day of the funeral (!!!!) for her dead husband and using it to film with Bethenny again on the show. The response from Bethenny making it about her sums up the characters of them well.


    “I’ve been traveling, I’ve been to prison :shrug”

    “She called me a convict”


    “Luann is a loser” “excuse me?”

    Luann was robbed of the center apple. There would’ve been something satisfying to her bookending season 1 and season 10 with the center apple. Also I find it distracting they kept the same intro looks for everyone EXCEPT Carole who looks like she stepped out of Hawaii with that floral dress and blonde hair. Poor Ramona on the outer edges 🙁

    I’m so excited, the RHONY cast is just a tier up from the American Shows (Aside from maybe Dallas which is filming season 3 yes!) and they always know how to bring it. I wonder what Ramona’s storyline is going to be she was hardly in the trailer.

    1. If Ramona wasn’t the one who called Lu a convict I’ll fall out. I’m assuming she’s lowkey here because this is a Renewal season.

      The apple(/orange/diamond/etc) positioning always frustrates me because it does privilege the //fan fave\\ of the cast. Reunion seating is a more accurate reflection of importance/relevance/fun. That said Bethenny actually looks fun(!) in this trailer so I’m not crying about it whatever.

  2. I don’t even know what to say. This is the best show on TV. It just is. This trailer gives me everything I could ask for and so I’ll be watching it 4-7 times a day for the next month until the premiere.

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