Highs and Lows: Thank You, Thuck You – RHOBH

Bethenny makes her second cameo on Beverly Hills. Was she as insufferable as when she gave Erika Jayne advice on her music videos and branding? High bar to surpass, but I believe in B. There’s another surprise cameo, too…


1. LVP apologizes. I’m past the point of caring about this Kyle/LVP/Dorit fight as it drags on to its fourth episode now but it did bring out LVP taking some accountability. Do I think she means it? No. I think she is aware of her optics and that her schtick has been wearing thin even to the devoted pumpheads, so Kyle received a conciliatory apology. I’m also just jaded with LVP and can’t enjoy anything she does at face value anymore.

2. Rinna’s cute puppy. I want a little Rottweiler puppy now. I could carry it around while wearing a black t-shirt and match Dorit in all her Givenchy label wearing.


1. The Fat Jewish. What deal with the devil did Andy Cohen make that has resulted him in giving this awful monster his 3rd (if we count his dog?) cameo. Get off my screen!!

2. Bethenny. When it comes to these two heavy hitters, I definitely prefer Bethenny to LVP. You’d think I’d enjoy her calling her out a bit, but it really was a showing of the kind of Bethenny I don’t care for: smug, pretending she didn’t know Dorit wasn’t British, etc. At least it was an upgrade from that painful cameo where she was so awful to Erika in S6.

Next week it looks like Dorit’s gossipy backstabbing of LVP finally comes back on her, and I think I might enjoy that much more.

6 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: Thank You, Thuck You – RHOBH

  1. There’s something legendary about OGs from different RH series going head to head, but LVP and Bethenny wasn’t that exciting. A better shit-showdown would be Ramona vs Vicki.

    Let’s get into how Camille feels more fleshed out than Teddi this season. If I have to hear how Teddi “works out” one more time I might Teresa my table. You know it’s bad when even Teddi herself on her Bravo blog is saying how annoying she is on-screen.

    1. yeah, bethenny vs. lvp felt like it should have been a collision of superpowers but it was just… a conversation. i blame kyle’s store. nothing good has ever happened in kyle’s store.

  2. i actually enjoyed bethenny vs lvp lol 🙁 it was all the normal disingenuous bethenny flexing that i can’t stand, but finally used against someone who deserves it (like jill). lvp seemed visibly shaken by the exchange, so i came out of it satisfied.

    1. Much as I’m a fan of Casey Wilson I really hate the podcast medium. Are there any highlights of note?

      1. No. It’s pretty much them cackling at their jokes. Their good jokes. Also Brian Moylan is on it and the quality dips. It would have been better with just Erika, Casey, and Danielle. Brian is really gross.

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