Highs and Lows: The Big Apple Bites – RHOBH

That wasn’t an oversized tie. It was a coke bib.


1. LVP hanging Kyle out to dry. I did appreciate her getting Kyle all riled up while they were getting glammed for the evening then letting her hang herself with that Dorit fight. Dorit is impossible to argue with because she’s delusional and probably riding the rails at any given moment. Since LVP was accused of being needy she had to make Kyle look needy while she was stoic. LVP fleeing from direct conflict is her MO, I think Kyle was just too drunk to handle it.

2. Erika corraling everyone into the car. I liked Erika’s role this episode more. She felt more a part of the cast than she has all season. Thanks for making sure everybody got in that same car home. Nothing explosive happened but good things do tend to occur on small transport vehicles so I respect the effort.

3. Dorit’s incoherent confession. I don’t know what the fuck was happening in that park with Dorit and LVP where she told her she blabbed about their private conversation but it was once again fun to watch someone (allegedly) strung out. She couldn’t sit down, was moving around and yammering for ages without any point. Typical Dorit.

4. Accountability disrespect. If we could have at least one person mock Teddi’s “career” per episode I would really appreciate that. She was ridiculous in the hotel lobby trying to get LVP to hug her friend and make up.



1. This friendship triangle fight. I don’t know if it’s just my Beverly Hills fatigue but I can’t summon two shits to give about this kerfuffle. It’s more entertaining than stemware debates but I still am not enthralled. LVP has let Kyle take the heat for seasons now and I doubt anything will come of this. I just can’t be bother to study every micro-moment to discern where the LVP machinations are coming from. The strategy is boring, dahling.

2. Rinna disappointment. Rinna has been a big letdown this whole season after providing us with so many messy highlights in S7. Again there was more momagering but what I’m really pissed about is that the show wasted the opportunity to exploit hammered Rinna into giving us some quality television. Did she need Eileen all along to be good? Is she less concerned with scrambling for the drama to keep this paycheque now that her daughters are raking it in? I can’t believe she’s miraculously become any less messy or dramatic (see: her Instagram stories) so I continue to feel very let down that she isn’t fulfilling her potential.

2 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: The Big Apple Bites – RHOBH

  1. Rinna is great but you can tell during filming she was absent due to her daughters/TV roles. Sadly this somewhat explains her lesser messiness during the season. She’s still got the hunger for drama (her instagram antics deserve a medal) but I think it’s safe to say: this season is not another Rinna-knock out.

    Saying that, I loved how drunk she was this ep that she re-applied her lipstick gleefully while the others fought.

  2. To be fair to Rinna, I’m confident that if anyone was providing her material to work with she’d be knocking it out of the park. She may not have the time to be generating content this year, but I’m a firm believer that any and all RHOBH angst should be directed at Vanderpump 100% of the time.

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