Highs and Lows: That Was Weird – RHOBH

The above image in no way represents the entertainment level of this episode. Wouldn’t want to lead you on.


1. Tattle tale Dorit. This Erika beach house drama is awful but I appreciate Dorit’s effort in shit stirring. She managed to get a confrontation going between Erika and Kyle/Teddi and get Camille riled up.

2. Erika’s dinner interrogation. The New York dinner was uneventful what with the ladies simply catching up Rinna on the drama between LVP, Kyle and Dorit but I really enjoyed watching Erika steer the questioning to draw out the dirt. She’s very subtle and it reminded me of her first season when she was fighting for Yolanda.



1. More Teddi drama. Guys, Teddi sucks. I don’t want to hear a single word about how actually she’s right and if you read her blogs Erika really was being weird. No. I don’t care if she’s right. She’s negative entertainment value. Every fight she’s been involved with is over something totally inane and worthless. If Erika was weird when she rushed off to bleed out in private who cares? Let her be weird. Also if you touch me when I’m upset you will lose a hand so Team Erika.

2. Lisa Rinna. She was such a tour de force last season that I’m extremely disappointed in her showing here. She’s barely filmed with any of the other ladies and I think everyone on earth hates the momager storyline because all teenagers are awful brats, especially rich ones. I don’t see her mixing it up this season and I know what she’s capable of so it makes me all the more sad that she’s so far removed.

Looks like next week will once again return to this LVP/Kyle/Dorit issue so I’m sure it will be marginally better. Bring it on.

2 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: That Was Weird – RHOBH

  1. there’s a really uncomfortable trend in how often erika drama centres around the other women taking objection to her body. i do not AT ALL understand why they’re so worked up about her taking off to menstruate in private. if you were having a really wicked period would you want dorit and kyle next to your face being obnoxious, lvp sitting there sizing up when to strike in your moment of weakness, etc.? this cast has a real lack of empathy and i feel bad about how often it lands on erika.

    1. LVP was right in there of course minimizing her period pain. “Oh it’s just cramps, darling. Get over it” – paraphrase.

      And yeah I guess the complaint of the cast is she acted like she was staying there then abruptly left which…so what? Nobody is allowed to change their mind if they’re feeling unwell? Even if she was feeling 100% fine nobody is obligated to attend your sleepover. This was just another chance to gang up on Erika for no reason.

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