Adios Peggy

With several casualties being reported from the latest RHOC cast I’d like to take the time to consider the allegedly one-and-done Peggy Sulahian’s time on the show before she drifts off into the one season wonder abyss forever. How did the 100th housewife cast live up to this unique and arbitrary distinction? Let’s analyse.

In general:

Peggy is overall an uncharismatic and untelegenic woman. She isn’t the worst housewife to grace our screens by any means, but her affect is monotone and she spends most of the time giving us resting bitch face (thanks Tamra). She does not enjoy any part of the real housewife experience and as the season plods along it’s clear Diko pushed her on to promote their rims business or whatever and she’s in over her head. As the season wears on her special brand of insanity does emerge. More on that below.

Solo footage:

If you want to know why Peggy was so reviled this season, look to her solo footage. Her two main storylines were a) her daughter interviewing at out of state colleges, and b) her mangling of the English language. The latter was particularly painful, constantly being shoe horned into scenes as an effort to make her seem goofy or dumb, but an Alexis Bellino she is not. Aside from that there was a lot of ostentatious flexing about money (therefore they are likely broke) and an overabundance of car scenes for which I score her 4/5 Reikos on The Reiko Scale of Boring Car Scenes.


With the ladies:

Peggy is introduced to the group by Lydia and sensing fresh blood with which to replenish her OG immortality, Vicki instantly climbs up her ass offering to bring her casseroles and shit. Aside from those two, she clashes with the rest of the cast. She pushes hard for Tamra and Shannon to get over their issues with Vicki and refuses to acknowledge that perhaps Vicki did cross the line. She pinches Meghan’s lips shut which should have been cause for some epic beef but it’s Meghan, so y’know.

In conflict:

Peggy’s a tough housewife to fight with. She’s a combination of aloof, rude, confusing, and gaslight-y by throwing out low blows then pretending the other person has misinterpreted her (e.g., do you trust your husband?). At the beginning of the season she was shaping up to be a total dud in her few fights but as the season wore on I became more and more enchanted with her blunt stankness. Her main beef is with Shannon but for my money the most enjoyable Peggy fights to watch are with Kelly.


Cancer confusion:

Here is where Peggy becomes interesting. Her real storyline came about mid-season. After meeting all the housewives she starts to slowly open up to them about her recent double mastectomy. Shannon and Meghan (obviously) pepper her with some basic (arguably rude, but this is a post-Brooks Ayers society we’re living in) questions and she is unable to succinctly or consistently explain any of the reasoning. Did she have the Brca gene? Did she have cancer? The answers change all the time and don’t make sense, not because she’s forging chemo bills, but because Peggy is an incomprehensible person with an inability to express herself well. Diko isn’t any better at explaining things to David Beador and Peggy ends up blaming Shannon for it creating her major conflict.


Peggy in Iceland was a revelation. This was her first ever girls trip away from Diko as she joins the ranks of women who are completely codependent upon their partners. During Vicki’s medical emergency Peggy is melting down while the rest of the cast surveys the scene something like this: 🙄. She begins a full blown tour of crazy including: a) storming off to visit Vicki in the hospital only to arrive as she is being released, b) fuming while Vicki then proceeds to whoop it up upon her return, c) recording Meghan’s baby crying for 10 minutes, d) accusing Kelly of mocking her dead dad, e) locking herself in her hotel room for a day and not answering anyone’s knocks or calls, and f) showing up to the last group dinner and immediately pulling the recording of the baby crying to make some sort of point. It doesn’t go over well and she flies home alone ahead of everyone else.


Iceland finally had even Lydia giving Peggy the side eye and in the finale she has one final loss against her nemesis Shannon. Diko and David hug it out and Peggy makes one final attempt at pinning Shannon down about whatever it is David supposedly did, but she gets blatantly caught in a lie in front of everyone and gets shut down. She puts on a show about the weird fake smile she’s putting on to prove she can get along and this is the final moment I realized that Peggy is a lot weirder than first impressions may have seemed.


Post show:

Peggy and Diko have continued on exactly as they did on the show. And they say reality tv is fake. She was seen driving around in a pink Ferrari which Diko apparently bought her to celebrate a year of cancer freedom and spread awareness that obnoxious tryhards get cancer too. Waiting on the pink Birkin to complete the collection.

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  1. im happy to see some appreciation for peggy here <3 i know she's probably gone, but i'm crossing my fingers for a shock return.

    1. I’m glad someone is enjoying my Peggy deep dive 3 months after the season ended. I can’t see her returning but with Lydia and Meghan gone, I wouldn’t be mad about it.

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