The Round-Up: Ups and Downs

In this week’s Round-Up, we collectively ponder life after Siggy.


  • RHOA’s Shereé Whitfield was a clue in this week’s New York Times crossword puzzle — not once, but twice! If only you could pay your loans back in crossword clues.
  • It’s love, my loves! Yolanda Hadid has a new man: charitable entrepreneur Matt Minnis. Says Yo: “He was just magically planted there by my angels.” Yas, hunny, the angels never lie! Shine shine shine!
  • Noted piece of shit Mario Singer has called time on his post-Ramona relationship, allegedly amidst a bunch of weird headfuck abuse from his end. Turns out he’s as good a boyfriend as he is a singer.
  • Who had “footwear” on their Sonja Morgan International Fashion Lifestyle Brand bingo card? Reminder to report any straight lines or blackouts to Bitchy Witches HQ; the winner of Sonja Bingo receives our top prize, a pile of dirty wigs.
  • Is RHONJ facing rocky waters? The show is apparently scrambling to nail down its post-Siggy chemistry and is in danger of being cancelled. Siggy, meanwhile, is claiming her decision to leave the Housewives was influenced by an ultimatum from MICHAEL CAMPANELLA, who noticed the show was driving her mad. Perceptive as always, Mike.

3 thoughts on “The Round-Up: Ups and Downs

  1. dammit, nothing about Lu!?

    i love rhonj, but “in danger of being cancelled” is honestly a relief compared to “caroline manzo was spotted filming.”

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