Highs and Lows: Petty Mess – RHOBH

This week something happens and it’s not about Dorit or Teddi. Hallelujah.


1. LVP vs. Kyle. Really appreciated some drama coming from two ladies who haven’t done anything yet this season. It isn’t particularly compelling but I’ll take whatever scraps of entertainment I can get. These two have a complex relationship with a lot of resentment bubbling underneath and finally we got a little chip in the facade they’ve been maintaining for a few seasons. I think LVP stormed out because she wanted to be in control of the dinner and conversation but Dorit and Kyle made it about their issue. I don’t think there was much more to talk about the lawsuit being dismissed. Also that jab about LVP and Dorit plotting against her is not forgiven and you I wager revenge will be coming within ~6 episodes.

2. Dorit’s housewife suicide. Uh, Dorit, you sure you should be talking shit on LVP? Dorit is nothing without LVP. She’s the only reason she’s on this show and she can destroy her effortlessly. Kyle might seem like your new fun friend but she is not going to stick her neck out for you when you inevitably fuck up the way LVP does for her minions. See: Brandi Glanville. I do like how Kyle is the one who always seduces them away. While this is a huge tactical error for Dorit, I think it will play out great so keep it coming. Just don’t get fired.


3. Beheaded collectibles. I’m not into figurines and I thought Dorit’s family one was both creepy and hideous. Can you imagine putting that on your desk? Everyone would think you’re a serial killer. Anyway, glad the non-Jagger one got beheaded.


1. Periodic insanity. Seems like Erika is in for more drama involving her ladybits. Can’t the chick catch a break? As a proud owner of a vagina, if I’m gushing out menstrual blood like a faucet I don’t want to do anything, especially at the beach. Let her be! Go sleep in a comfy bed and hemorrhage on the sheets guilt free. Teddi might come off well compared to Dorit but she can’t face off versus Erika.

2. Beach house shade. Usually I don’t care much about the wealth or property in these shows (shocker, I know?) but could we stop talking shit on this multi million dollar beautiful beach front home. At least Teddi actually owns it, Dorit. Honestly these prisses seem like they would hate all the sand at the beach anyway. Team Teddi for once.


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  1. i enjoyed that more than i was expecting to :O at best it’s still just an introduction to what will hopefully be a bigger thing, but i’m cautiously optimistic. i remember camille was talking shit about lvp somewhere recently, so that gives me hope there’s something coming.

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