Ranked: The Top Five January 2018 RHONY Gossip Items Most Likely to Have Been Planted by Jill Zarin

Everyone handles grief differently. Some fall into depression; others try to scam their way back onto national television.

Jill Zarin is of the latter class, using her dear husband Bobby’s death to launch a month-long flurry of oh-so-subtle press leaks that made her past output pale in comparison. Below, a post-modern tragedy in five gossip-rag acts.

5. Jill Zarin Invites Enemy Bethenny Frankel to Her Husband’s Funeral (Radar, Jan. 14th)

Jill lost her husband Bobby to cancer this weekend, and a source told RadarOnline.com although Frankel previously dumped the couple as friends, the insider said, she’s been invited to the memorial service in New York on Sept. 15.

“Jill feels that life is too short and holding onto hate and ugly feelings just isn’t worth it,” the source noted.

“Jill wants to remember all the good times and there was a time when Bobby and Bethenny were very close. When Bethenny had no money, Bobby was great to her. And if it wasn’t for Bobby and Jill, Bethenny would never have been cast on the Bravo Housewives show.”

“A source noted” is a very polite way of saying “Jill Zarin insisted, gesticulating emphatically.” Also NB the part of the article that declares that there will be absolutely, positively no cameras present at the funeral, cause *fuckin drumroll*…

4. Famous Til the End: Reality TV Cameras Roll at Funeral for Jill Zarin’s Husband as Enemy Bethenny Comforts New Widow While Other Housewives and Marla Maples Look On (Daily Mail, Jan 15th)

Before that she seemed to credit Bobby with her fame.

‘The first housewives producer who found me in the Hamptons just emailed me to tell me that it was Bobby who suggested me to her for RHONY,’ tweeted Frankel.


(Can we celebrate the Daily Mail for a second, though? That long-ass title. The single sentence paragraphs. Just read all the photo captions I dare you. This is real news done right: the clothing painstakingly described, the uglycry faces mercilessly zoomed-in on.)

3. What Bethenny Frankel Told Jill Zarin at Husband Bobby’s Funeral: ‘Don’t Be Scared’ (People, Jan. 15th)

“And then Bethenny said, ‘Well, Bobby is with Cookie now. Bobby can take care of Cookie,” referring to Frankel’s beloved 17-year-old dog, who passed away in October.

While a story based on an exclusive interview with Jill can’t really count as “planted,” I had to include this one because that quote might be the funniest fucking thing Bethenny’s ever said.

2. Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel Have ‘Truly Made Up’ Amid Bobby Zarin’s Passing (Us, Jan. 29th)

Frankel, 47, attended Bobby’s funeral in New York earlier this month, and the Skinnygirl creator’s emotional reunion with Jill will be featured on the upcoming season of RHONY. “Jill invited the show to memorialize Bobby and capture some footage of his beloved friends and family outside the funeral,” the source tells Us. “However, Jill and the producers weren’t expecting Bethenny to come. That caught everyone by surprise.”

The insider adds that Jill, who left RHONY after season 4 in 2011 and made a brief cameo during season 9, is considering a return to the Bravo series. “Bethenny told Jill that she’s welcome back on the show and they have been in discussions about it.”

Annnnnd here we go. (Who had two weeks?) Very nice of the “insider” to inform us of Jill’s frame of mind. Very nice of Jill to “consider” a return to RHONY for her multitude of fans.

1. Jill Zarin Tired of Being Strung Along by Bravo (Page Six, Jan. 30th)

Gorgeous. First of all, the hero image that excludes Alex McCord: chef’s kiss to you, Zarin. I need to break this one down, though, because

But we’re told that while Jill has appeared in cameos, there hasn’t been any talk of bringing her back into the fold after the headline-generating watershed moment with Bethenny.


“It’s not about the money, it’s about the respect,” said a source close to Jill.


Onetime fan favorite Jill was heavily featured in a trailer for the show last season, but taped just one episode.

God. Get out the high school gymnasium, Andy; the prom queen is NOT happy.

Shot, chaser, by the way. Exclusive footage of Bethenny Frankel, February 2018: 🤔


9 thoughts on “Ranked: The Top Five January 2018 RHONY Gossip Items Most Likely to Have Been Planted by Jill Zarin

  1. Jill instantly going to the tabloids to talk about her relationship with Bethenny, not to mention allowing the reality show to film her husbands passing is seriously creepy and fucked up to me but it’s so Jill. Utterly harrowing, I hope she stays away from RHONY but the headlines make me laugh.

  2. The idea of Jill *legitimately* returning to RHONY terrifies me, but the idea of her being used as a Friend Of by Ramona who will surely immediately dispose of her at THE most critical moment and then bulldozed by Bethenny in a way more humiliating than before is… maybe the most exciting Real Housewives fantasy I can think of. You just know she’s gonna say something about John Madessian while she’s there, too. Fuck it, I’ve convinced myself this can’t go wrong. Bring back Jill. I bet it’d inadvertently restore Carole to her former glory too.

    1. you know, i never even considered this, but carole would of course fucking HATE jill (for largely the same reasons as alex mccord. also bring back alex mccord. she’ll do the commute from sydney).

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