Highs and Lows: Birthday Fever – RHOBH

Can anything continue to let me down the way these Beverly Hills ladies do? Can these recaps get any worse? Let’s find out.


1. Fever. There was no way Dorit singing and dancing for PK’s birthday wasn’t going to be a hot mess. There’s something so intrinsically humiliating about performing for your husband when you aren’t a performer. In front of all of his friend’s and family. Also I am enjoying Dorit constantly flexing about the money they don’t have. Never give up the dream, girl.


1. Rinna. Where’s my Rinna at? Lord knows I love Dorit being a fuck up every second of every episode but it’s not enough. Rinna had one tiny scene about her acting career and then was barely shown at the party. One could assume that maybe Rinna is lying low after last season but…that doesn’t seem like Rinna. I’m going to need some major shit stirring to happen from her.

2. Erika. Do I like Erika Jayne/Girardi? Yes. Has she done anything this season? No. She’s been incredibly under the radar other than her little tiff with Teddi. She’s barely filming with the other women. The only enjoyable thing she’s bringing so far this season is her friendship with Dorit.

3. That fight. Ugh. Taylor and I both predicted this episode would be a 3/10 and 4/10 respectively. We ended up at a 2/10. How can this show suck so badly? Well, I know the answer and I’ll be posting about the (obvious) BH problems soon. But yeah, I’m not here for a dumb fight about etiquette although I did appreciate the other housewives minorly involving themselves. Camille was right. Dorit herself is the most obnoxious human on earth but she keeps getting into it with Teddi which is never going to give us fireworks.

8 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: Birthday Fever – RHOBH

  1. I told myself: “Don’t watch the episode, it’s going to be boring and you know it.”

    I ended up watching though, and well… it’s everything I thought it would be. Dorit carrying the whole episode while the rest of the wives have solo footage I’m not into. Loved Rinna reading Teddi’s long ass text though.

    Things appear to heat up a bit next week but they really should have cast a deplorable human being and not Teddi so SOMETHING could have happened sooner.

    1. Yeah I have no idea what they thought they were doing with Teddi. I guess because the ratings are good they inserted someone inert to keep the status quo? It’s very RHOA to not mess with a cast even when things have been stale for years, with a few gleams of brilliance peeking out.

      These women must know their show is bad, though? Tamra was apologizing to random people in Starbucks for last season of the OC. It seems weird to me there isn’t any scheming happening to perk things up. Are Kyle and LVP happy they somehow lucked into “Lifestyle Porn: That’s All We Got” by putting in a few years of real housewiving?

      I refuse to get my hopes up for next week. But I’ll watch. Not only because I write these recaps, but I am a masochist.

  2. This episode was so dry, I turned away. I found myself watching CW superhero dramas the rest of the evening.

  3. The average fans opinion that Dorit needs to be sacked as a result of this season is even more appalling. I generally think Housewives fans for most seasons have a pretty good mix of opinions but BH it seems like everyone wants what I don’t want. Also note I haven’t watched since episode 2 but I get the gist of it all from these recaps so thanks.

  4. if there’s anything that could get me to finally decide to skip an episode, “Tagged: Boy George” might be it!

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