The Round-Up: Here Comes the Judge

In this week’s Round-Up, Tamra plans for the future, Brandi is haunted by her past, and the Countess is present and accounted for.

  • After lo these many long weeks at some cushy rehab facility, LuAnn de Lesseps is back in the Big Apple and ready to crack some heads together. Says journalistic bastion The Daily Mail: “She is well aware of who spoke to the press about her and told lies and she will deal with them once she is back in New York.” Translation: sleep with one eye open, Lady Morgan.
  • Brandi Glanville has penned a gorgeous screed demolishing Gerard Butler for besmirching her name on a recent episode of Watch What Happens: Live, invoking the #metoo movement, Eddie Cibrian, her children, and their kindred bond as Scorpios. I would caution Brandi that the last time she got involved in a WWHL beef, it proved costly and time-consuming, but I’d be screaming into the wind so hey. Go with God, Glanville.
  • Page Six reveals that Margaret Josephs’s house is in foreclosure. The bank started the process after extensive lobbying from a mysterious woman who identified herself only by the initials “S.F.”
  • Tamra and Eddie Judge are hawking a spin-off that will never get made, focusing on their gym, Cut Fitness. As much as I love the idea of Tamra as power-mad dictator at the helm of her own Vanderpump Rules, the sad fact is I will probably never be interested in a Housewife-centric spin-off, at least until Athena X hosts Regressing with the Stars.

2 thoughts on “The Round-Up: Here Comes the Judge

  1. oh man. i love that the arrest is already turning into another LuAnn Attempts to Cover Something Up storyline. that might be the #1 rhony trope, and by extension, the #1 rh trope overall.

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