Meghan King Edmonds Leaves RHOC

If you were among the many who were just about to change the channel on RHOC, but were hanging tight for another scintillating Meghan King Edmonds baby storyline, you have your Monday nights back: Meghan is leaving the show after three seasons. She made the announcement this morning via her blog.

While Meghan’s time on the show was only sporadically interesting, she also holds the rare distinction of being one of the few Housewives to spend as long as she did on the show without meaningfully embarrassing herself in any way. Best wishes to Meghan in her life ahead, whether she’s raising her growing family or using her newfound spare time to seek out members of the O’Toole clan in the street.

4 thoughts on “Meghan King Edmonds Leaves RHOC

  1. Meghan is kind of an icon for taking down Brooks in Season 10. Her relentless pursuit of the truth was great and there wouldn’t have been a #cancergate without her so I’m grateful.

    Her following seasons were underwhelming in comparison but I always kept liking her. She never lost her ~vrai soi~. Her child kept her from becoming an A tier Real Housewife but that’s fine. In the OC canon she is one of the few ladies who isn’t a fucking mess so props to her and as far as B tier Housewives she’s one of my favourites. Hope she handles her twins well, and women who act like them!

    1. yeah this is about where i’m at. her debut season was SO strong (maybe the most impactful of any rookie housewife?) that it doesn’t really matter if the rest of her portfolio is pablum. ultimately, her legacy will be cancergate and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

      and yeah, if the worst thing you can lob at her is that she’s a bit boring in the context of a televised sideshow, then so be it. she has her quirks and pain points, but she’s basically an intelligent, good-hearted person. i wish her the best.

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