Highs and Lows: Wham, Glam, Thank You Ma’am – RHOBH

This show is slowly killing me.


1. Dorit. Let’s just cut to the chase – Dorit is the only person giving us any viewable material this season but she can’t carry an entire show. She’s not in every scene sadly, though I would support that initiative. Dorit pretends she can afford a 3 million dollar car. Dorit continues to deny she was late. Dorit makes a huge stink about the glass she’s drinking her Vanderpump Rosé from. Dorit is definitely (allegedly) coked out at this chill spa facial party. Dorit gets up in Camille’s face and delivers the weirdest (most coked out) apology ever. I’m grateful for you, Dorit. Keep it up.


1. Rinna/LVP cop-out. Oh how surprising, nothing came from this Ken article thing. 🙄 I should have known better but that was more disappointing than anticipated. I’m sure LVP will continue to make passive aggressive jabs every episode though. She’s not over this. Also for the record, LVP’s snide ass digs to Rinna at every turn are starting to make my blood boil because I resent her so much.

2. Solo footage. These ladies have the worst solo footage! Kyle’s show. Rinna’s momagering. Teddi getting facials. LVP’s stupid dog shelter. I hate it all. No scenes without Dorit allowed.

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