The RHOA Mid-Season Trailer Has Landed

Is Cynthia’s man a grifter? Will Kenya’s husband ever show his face? Did Eva fuck Missy Elliott? Seriously, I’ve been wondering for years. Hit play to experience that #potledom life.

4 thoughts on “The RHOA Mid-Season Trailer Has Landed

  1. 1. I TOO have been waiting for years for someone in a prominent channel to address Eva/Missy BRAVA LADIES
    2. The rumor is that Eva’s boring on the show but “5150 crazy” is a fab line
    2b. (Also god knows Kim probably spread that rumor to begin with in her like Dr. Blight-level-subtle campaign to return)
    3. Excited for “we’re in Spain y’all!” to cause an international crisis with the Catalonian independence movement
    4. “And now, without further ado, my husband, will now appear, in this room, before your eyes, any moment now, so get ready, he is imminently going to be present,”

  2. is it already mid-season? wow. it doesn’t feel like it at all. still not really feeling it, but i appreciate the constant grimy squabbling. bring on roachgate.

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