Highs and Lows: Unfashionably Late – RHOBH

I wouldn’t consider this episode a hit but thanks to Dorit’s continued hot streak of self-destruction it was a marked improvement. What has our star Mrs. Kemsley been up to this week? Let’s discuss.


1. Dorit’s lateness. Next time I’m late to dinner I’m definitely taking the Dorit approach and claiming that we had a 1 hour window to meet within. Ah ah ah, not late we had between 4:30 and 5:30 to get together! What an inept queen. She just keeps the hits coming. Savaged by the Bravo time stamps once again.

2. LVP’s jealousy. Mask slipped. I see that jealous disbelief that Kyle would ever open up to Dorit and not her. I mean yeah it’s probably best to assume Dorit is wildly exaggerating anything, but I guess this is the beginning of the fall out we’re scheduled for this season.

3. Return of Camille. I’ll admit I always wanted to enjoy Camille’s friend of the housewife stints thanks to that lingering season one goodwill. She hasn’t done anything interesting since then, though. Finally she’s bringing a tough of that early Camille back. Thanks for calling her a cunt, Dorit.


1. Return of British humour. I almost spit out my coffee when Kyle suggested that though Dorit isn’t British (shockingly, I know since she sounds like it) that her calling Camille a cunt was just some British humour she’s picked up from PK. It was less amusing though when we cut over to Dorit and LVP and she said Camille doesn’t have the same sense of humour as her. No 👏 more 👏 using 👏 British 👏 humour 👏 to 👏 justify 👏 being 👏 an 👏 ass 👏 2018!

2. Rinna tease. I’m not complaining about this week’s Dorit shitshow but I was expecting Rinna to bring the fire about Ken. I should have known it was more Bravo preview trickery. Looks like we finally get into it next week…allegedly.

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