Leanne Brown Reportedly Quits Real Housewives of Cheshire

The Sun is reporting that Leanne Brown from The Real Housewives of Cheshire is calling time after six seasons (or, as the Brits call them, serieseseseseses). Leanne is one of the O.G.s of the franchise, so her departure, if true, will leave a gap, especially given her blood feud with former biffle Dawn Ward over a £500k loan. Sadly, her exit would also put a crimp in the Cheshire producers’ plan to assemble the first Real Housewives cast visible from space. Hopefully the seven women they hire to fill her slot are up to the job.

4 thoughts on “Leanne Brown Reportedly Quits Real Housewives of Cheshire

  1. Leanne’s first two seasons were painfully basic but in S3 Ampika awakened a spark in Leanne. This spark finally erupted in S5 and cue a bunch of episodes where Dawn is almost murdered on the spot by Leanne channeling her unleashed fiery rage.

    She coasted in S6, but I still like her on the cast. FAR more valuable than Stacy and Seema. Don’t worry Leanne, Tanya or Ester will still bring hellfire upon Dawn for you.

    1. oh, yeah, i said leanne would leave a gap but really, we’re looking at one excellent season, a handful of decent ones, and two painfully bad ones. i don’t want to dismiss her time spent as a drone in dawn ward’s anthill, because it really set up the ensuing seasons of ampika as the Suppressive Person coaxing her to the dark side, but s5 was her only work of true note. by s6, she was cooling her jets either for her own mental health or on the advice of her lawyers, but she’s a position where her only options are burning dawn to the ground or restraining herself from doing such. i can see why she’d walk.

      this cast is definitely not short on people who hate dawn (tanya, ester) or antagonize her for sport (lauren). the show will survive.

  2. oh i’m gutted by this, leanne had really grown on me 🙁 </3 i was enjoying the ester/leanne/tanya alliance too.

    1. oh true i never thought about this in terms of ester losing an ally. ah well, ester inevitably alienates all of her people anyway.

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