Highs and Lows: Diva Las Vegas – RHOBH

The new season of Beverly Hills is back again this week finishing up their trip to Las Vegas. Lisa Rinna has finally arrived so surely this episode will be taking it up a notch, yes? Yes?!?!


1. Rinna: What a champ, putting up with LVP and Dorit harassing her non-stop. She’s clearly the only point of friction this season (besides Erika, but her conflicts take ages to blow up) and I respect her for giving it her all. Please continue entertaining me and I think it’s time to drop the gloves and just openly terrorize Dorit again.

2. Camille dancing: Camille being trotted out constantly as a friend-of doesn’t really make sense. She was amazing her first season and I certainly hold a fondness for her due to early BH but she is such a non-entity now. Still, getting to see her dance again flashed me back to better times in Beverly Hills.


1. Teddi’s schtick: She’s really going all in on the “I’m a normal girl” thing and I am just so not interested. I only enjoy when people fake the opposite: pretending they have fabulous wealth that is all on lease (oh hey Dorit and PK!!!). Most people don’t even have $5000 to gamble with so acting like you can’t believe people win and spend hundreds of dollars is such bull.

2. Return of the Maloof: At one point during the episode I was wondering why a melting pile of silly putty was at the dinner table with the ladies, and then I realized it was Adrienne. Even more useless than Camille, she didn’t even get to have the ladies stay at the Palms. Desperate times, apparently.

3. Las Vegas: I think a lot of people thought it was a great idea to shove the ladies on a trip to kick off the season. The BH ladies still managed to make even a trip a snooze, though! Nothing happened in Vegas. Rinna wasn’t going to get her hands dirty with LVP/Dorit’s jabs this early on and her reconciliation with Dorit probably won’t last. Note Dorit taking LVP’s tack by admitting absolutely zero wrongdoing even though her and PK were definitely blabbing about crazy Rinna’s xannie bag to anyone who would listen. Same deal with Kyle and Rinna’s Harry confrontation going nowhere. And the Erika/Teddi conversation about her dad teased to us in the preview was awkward but nothing big. Yes, Erika is 100% putting up a cool girl front, it’s part of her defense. This has been established for two seasons Teddi, catch up! Can you imagine LVP nagging you to text her more often, though?

Did you enjoy this episode more than I did? Were you hoping that London Eye-esque wheel capsule would careen off into the Nevada desert if only to make Kyle’s excruciating faux-fear seem worthwhile? Don’t worry – I’ll be here all season suffering through BH with y’all.


4 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: Diva Las Vegas – RHOBH

  1. I just watched this now and it was very dull and casual opinions on this series annoy the crap out of me, as does Kyle, Lisa V, and Teddi’s confessionals and general looks and they’re 1/2 the cast

    1. Casual opinions on this series is why this site exists. We’re trying to fix the narrative of housewives discussion. RHOBH has to be the worst franchise airing as far as entertainment goes, but sadly it pulls in the numbers. Too many casuals.

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