The Round-Up: Pregnant with Intrigue


In today’s round-up, Jeana Keough has a new look, Meghan King Edmonds has some big news, and the late great Siggy Flicker has an army.

  • People has gotten to the bottom of Jeana Keough’s new face with the hilariously named web segment, Jeana Keough: A Real Housewife Goes Under the KnifePeep that cameo from Tammy Knickerbocker providing more star power in three minutes than she did in two seasons. In the sage words of the eternally wise Tamra: Jeana looks great; she just has a nasty soul.
  • Honorary Latina Meghan King Edmonds has announced she’s pregnant with twins. It’s an unexpected surprise, but don’t worry: Meghan can handle two babies, and women who act like two babies.
  • Here are some alleged RHOA salaries in case you’re curious. I recently decided against buying a diffuser because $80 seemed pricey and these fools are paying damn near two million dollars for Cynthia Bailey. The world truly is a vampire.
  • Finally, in the wake of Siggy’s explosive exit from RHONJ, here’s a little closure on that Blind Gossip item about Twitter abuse. Oh, Siggy. You lost yourself in the work.

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